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Sony Xperia Z2 Usage Tips

Sony Xperia Z2 Pencil Pen
Use Xperia Z2 with an extremely functional pencil. / ANDROIDPIT

1. Tap the screen to wake up

Just as LG brought in the Knock On feature, then enhanced to Knock Code, Sony has inserted Xperia line the "tap the screen to wake up" option. By activating the service, you can double tap the display and it will be activated.

To switch to using the service, go to Settings> Display> Touch to wake up.

2. Customize your Xperia

The Sony Xperia Z2 offers a specific menu for "Personalizing" the device, from controlling the device from motion to toolbar icons. status. I will list the most interesting ones here, so you can identify which one best suits your use of the device.

All features of this topic can be accessed at Settings> Customization.


By enabling motion control on the Xperia Z2, you can manage calls intelligently without having to touch the screen. By approaching the device to your ear, the call will be answered. By shaking the handset the call is rejected and turning the screen on the table stops the ringing.


I am a super fan of my smartphone software customizations and I like to know that I can change whenever I get bored. Therefore, the possibility to change and download new themes attracts me a lot. On Xperia Z2, you have a lot of pre-installed themes, but I wouldn't give them a lot of ball. What's more interesting is the ability to download themes through Sony Select or even the Play Store. From the settings menu, go to "Themes" and you are right on the "Xperia Themes" page, by clicking on the "plus" sign in the upper right corner you will be directed to Sony Select, where there are some themes available. In the Play Store, just search for "Xperia Themes" and other options will appear.

Xperia z2 tips themes
Choose the theme of your Xperia Z2! / ANDROIDPIT


Unlike choosing a theme that will modify your device's UI, there is a possibility to swap only the background for your smartphone's album images or the classic live wallpapers. This feature turns the image you choose into the wallpaper of your device screens, including the lock screen.


However, if you want to leave the lock screen with another face, you can use the "Screen lock" feature to change the wallpaper on the lock screen only. Here you can use image from "album" and "Xperia wallpapers".

Quick Settings

There is nothing more submissive than keeping the settings that come with the device, as an Android smartphone is designed to work as the user tastes. So, take advantage of editing the quick settings panel order by dragging the icons up and down and selecting the ones that really make sense to you. I guarantee this will help you when using the device.

xperia z2 quick settings
Enjoy all the customization features of your Xperia Z2! / ANDROIDPIT

Manage notifications

It gives no power to those who do not deserve it! Following this maxim, take advantage of the notification management tool and select which applications will be allowed to send notifications. This can even save time in your daily life.

Xperia Z2 notifications
Not all apps need your attention, just select the ones you use most! / ANDROIDPIT

cones in status bar

Ok, the organization of the icons in the status bar is very personal. My obsessive compulsive disorder keeps me from having this bar full of cones. Therefore, I use what is really needed and in the customization menu you can select the system icons that will be displayed in the status bar.

xperia z2 icons status bar
My status bar contains only information that is indispensable to me, and yours ?! / ANDROIDPIT

3. Automatically silence Xperia Z2 at bedtime

Motorola had already won me over with Assist and Sony took my heart with Sony Connect. The services are similar, although the Japanese manufacturer offers a range of possibilities in the same software. In the "Night" profile, you can set a time for your device to automatically activate silent mode and another to activate. In addition, you can associate a particular action with your smartphone to automatically activate the "Night" profile.

To do so, access the service Smart Connect in your app drawer> Night.

Xperia Z2 sony connect
In addition to the "Night" profile, you have other options and you can even add smart profiles to your Xperia Z2! / ANDROIDPIT

4. Edit documents and images using Draft

As you can see from the first image of this article, the Xperia Z2's screen recognizes pencil and pen touch natively. Because of this, my tip is to use the "Draft" application, which recently arrived in verse 2.0.A.1.6, to edit images and documents. The idea is to send reports and corrections of graphic material via email through attached images. Using a pencil will make it easier when you need to make notes and highlight specific parts of the images. For the pencil touch to be 100% recognized by the screen, use it with the worn edge. Also, use the function swype keypad not to be irritated by the constant noise of the pencil on the display.

xperia z2 draft
Write documents for your team on top of image and document editing. / ANDROIDPIT

5. Transfer media from Xperia Z2 to PC without cables

The only defect with the fifth tip is that it does not work with MAC OS, but if you have Windows Vista or later, you can transfer media without the need for a USB cable, ie wireless. In fact this is an exclusive service of Xperia devices and to access the function just go to Settings> Wireless & networks> enable wifi and connect your Xperia Z2 same wifi network as your PC. Using this resources it is possible to transfer music, movies and images, for example.

Xperia z2 wireless transfer
Transfer data without the need for a USB cable! / ANDROIDPIT

6. Avoid shaky videos

If it's boring, you shoot the best party of your life, and when you get home, watch the video and find out it's all shaky. I confess that I'm not the type who uses the video camera, so I prefer a professional camera. However, the Xperia Z2 does a good job in this regard, despite the overheating in 4K video recording. So you don't have to worry about blurry images, go to Camera Settings> v to the Video tab> and click enable SteadyShot. And yes, this is already a feature of Sony's CyberShot cameras.

Xperia z2 camera stedyshot
Turn on the SteadyShot feature and say goodbye to blurry video images! / ANDROIDPIT

7. Enjoy your Xperia Z2 longer on Stamina

The biggest shortcoming of a smartphone is the autonomy of the battery and the Z2 does not escape, unfortunately, rule. However, there is a good palliative for the device power problem, it is called STAMINA mode. This feature has some limitations on screen off as it is intended to prolong power saving when the display is not active. Thus, in Stamina mode, wifi and mobile data will be temporarily disabled, and applications will be inactive. But when you have the screen on, everything will work normally. As I activate my screen every 10 minutes, I use full time mode. To put your device in this battery saver mode, go to Settings> Power Management> Enable Stamina Mode.

Xperia z2 stamina
left, the estimated battery life of the Xperia Z2 without Stamina mode enabled; right, The Xperia Z2 with Stamina mode enabled! / ANDROIDPIT

8. Use Xperia Z2 as a wifi router

About six months ago, the only internet I have at home is my 2GB LTE plan that I use in communion with my cellphone and PC. Only after I started to use resources often did I realize its importance. Also, if you're a good soul, you can always help a friend in trouble using your internet. But here is an important tip: it is not enough just to enable the service, you will have to configure the network; To do so, once the connection is active, go to portable wifi router settings> configure wifi router> and ask to "show password"so you will be Logged network.

To turn your smartphone into a wifi router, go to Settings> Wireless & networks> Click on "More"> Portable Router & Link> Enable Portable Wi-Fi Router. If you use the service frequently, it is advisable to make it available in the quick settings of your mobile phone.

Xperia z2 wifi router
In the settings, you enable Xperia Z2's wifi router function! / ANDROIDPIT

And what other tips for using Xperia Z2 would you share here for AndroidPIT users? Remember that this article will be updated as members of our community are submitting new suggestions.

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