Sony to limit sales of PlayStation 5 to one unit per consumer

Sony to limit sales of PlayStation 5 to one unit per consumer

Sony has confirmed that it will alert all fans to the opening of PlayStation 5 pre-bookings, but the Spanish website Vandal that warns of the possibility that sales may be limited to just one unit per person.

The rumor thickened by an error message, discovered in the code of the PlayStation Direct website, by a Reddit user. In the forum, Kgarvey writes that the alert appears when a user tries to add more than one console to the shopping cart. It reads "You can only buy a version of the PS5 console: with support for discs or Digital. However, you have already added a PS5 console to your cart".

Limiting sales to one unit per person is a strategy that aims to control inflated resellers, which usually arise after the first stocks run out. In this way, Sony is able to guarantee a wider distribution of the console and prevent the hoarding by people who aim to profit from the resale. The measure had already been implemented, for the same reasons, in 2013, when the PlayStation 4 was launched.

It is more important to underline that, in the code analyzed by the Reddit user, a reference was also found to a new compatibility seal, which will be added to PS4 products that will work on PS5.

Recall that the price of PlayStation 5 has not yet been officially revealed although Sony introduced the new game console in June, and the line-up of titles that will accompany the launch.

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