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Sony releases early version of Android M for Xperia users!

If you have a Sony Xperia line device, you can now test the previous version of Android Marshmallow through the program. AOSP Device from the Japanese manufacturer. The company's goal is to give developers the ability to test the new platform and optimize their applications. Check out the details below.

If you are a developer or just a tech enthusiast, you have one of the Xperia listed below and want to try out the previous version of Android M, be able to make changes and test apps on the new platform and use features like permission management, for example. example. However, it must be said that this process is advanced and requires technical knowledge. To learn how to install the previous version of Android M for developers on your Xperia, check out the installation guide prepared by the Sony team and download the binary codes for your device here.

After flashing the latest version of the OS on your Xperia, the device has the same user interface and features shown in the video below:

The following is a list of Xperia devices that are part of the Open Device program and can now run Android M:

Sony points out that AOSP software in the certificate or for regular use. Only appliances with the bootloader Unlocked devices support Android M and you should also consider some limitations such as bugs with the modem and the camera.

And, what do you think about Sony's initiative to offer the possibility of using Android M still in the previous version to users of its main line?