Sony prepares the arrival of the PS5 and reveals the new generation of controls. Get to know DualSense

Sony prepares the arrival of the PS5 and reveals the new generation of controls. Get to know DualSense

Multiple rumors circulated on the Internet about the appearance of the PlayStation 5 controller, which for a long time came to be known as DualShock 5. Sony decided to give a little surprise to enthusiasts who are eagerly waiting for news about the console. The Japanese manufacturer decided to reveal DualSense: the new PS5 controller to the world.

The successor to DualShock 4 has many new features, including differences in the appearance and name of the wireless controller itself. For Sony, one of the priorities when developing equipment for the new console was to make the gamers experience even more immersive.

In addition to haptic sensors that will give feedback to users on the processing of vocal commands, the manufacturer decided to include adaptive triggers on the DualSense buttons L2 and R2 so that players can feel the tension of their actions. To further contribute to a greater immersion in games, the command also comes the Tempest 3D Audio Tech from PS5.

DualSense relies on all the efforts of Sony's designers and engineers teams that worked together to make the controller have a durable battery, remain light, compact and, above all, adapt to the player.

Thinking of gamers who are not fans of headsets, Sony incorporated a microphone in the new DualSense. Instead of the Share functionality, the controller now has a Create button, allowing players to share their favorite content with the world.

According to Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment cited in a statement, DualSense is breaking with the tradition of previous controls, capturing the manufacturer's commitment to the generational leap PS5 represents.

The PS5 has an expected arrival date for this year's Christmas season and Sony has already been revealing some technical details about the console, although it does not reveal its appearance. In March, Mark Cerny, the architect of PlayStation 5, held a conference with no audience fully focused on the specifications of the new console, focusing main attention on his SSD, which he considers to be one of the things most requested by the developer community.

Microsoft also revealed the technical data for its Xbox Series X, reinforced with more images of the components and controller. But which of the new consoles will end up becoming the queen? Just the right time, but until then, you can always buy the specs between PS5 and Xbox Series X and draw your conclusions.