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Sony postpones Ghostbusters: Beyond, Uncharted and Marvel movies. Check the complete list

Project Cinderella, Morbius and Super Conectados complete the list of Sony Pictures. Check out all the movies with the new dates

The new pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) affected the entire film sector in Brazil and worldwide. As a result, the Sony Pictures reviewed its releases for this year and announced the new dates for Brazilian cinema. Some bets for 2020 have been maintained. case of Monster hunter, Super Connected and a joint project with Marvel, whose name has not been revealed.

With the anticipated return of the audience to movie theaters in the second half of the year, premieres of Fatherhood, which has in the cast Kevin Hart, DeWanda Wise and Anthony Carrigan. Check out all the productions that will soon arrive at the cinema through the Sony Pictures.

Monster hunter

Scene from the movie Monster Hunter by Sony PicturesThe Monster Hunter Movie inspired by the game of the same name

Opening the second semester calendar, the Sony Pictures confirmed the arrival of Monster hunter for the day September 3, 2020, which was already programmed for that month. The film is inspired by the game of the same name and shows Lieutenant Artemis being transported to another world with his soldiers. In the other territory, they must fight to survive.

Super Connected

Super Connect family around the tableSuper Conectados the new animation of Sony Pictures that debuts in October 2020

THE Sony Pictures also confirmed the premiere of the animation Super Connected for the day October 8, 2020. The film shows Katie Mitchell, a girl who fulfills her dream of studying cinema. With the good news, her family decides to travel to take the girl to university, but the plans are interrupted by a technological revolution and now they need to save the world.


Actor Kevin Hart to be in the new Sony Pictures movieActor Kevin Hart

Fatherhood it is a production that promises to shed tears for many people. In the feature, Matt, who played by Kevin Hart, remains alive after his wife dies during childbirth. With all this happening, he swears an oath: taking care of the girl assuming the role of mother and father at the same time. THE Sony Pictures confirmed the release of the film to October 29, 2020.

Escape Room 2

Poster Escape Room 2 by Sony PicturesEscape Room 2 will be the continuation of the first film; production debut in early 2021

Opening the 2021 calendar, Escape Room 2 got a new date: January 7, 2021. The film should follow the first release last year and present new mysteries and pitfalls. We are playing with various ideas, revealed the director Adam Robitel.

Happiest Season

Actresses of the new film from Sony PicturesAlison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, Mackenzie Davis and Kristen Stewart star in Sony Pictures' new romantic comedy

Happiest Season a romantic comedy that has in the cast Alison Brie, Mackenzie Davis and Dan Levy. The film features a young woman who decides to propose to his girlfriend. However, she discovers that the partner has not yet come out to the parents. Detail: they are conservative. Happiest Season hits theaters in January 14, 2021.

Cinderella Project

Editing with Cinderella on one side and singer Camila Cabello on the other; Sony Pictures film premieres in 2021Camila Cabello to be Cinderella in new Sony Pictures movie

Cinderella Project still does not have an official synopsis, but the film should narrate the story of Cinderella in a much more modern way compared to the original classic. In this verse, the singer Camila Cabello be Cinderella. THE Sony Pictures confirmed the production launch for the day February 4, 2021.

Pedro Coelho 2: The Fugitive

Scene from the movie Pedro Coelho 2: The FugitivePedro Coelho 2: The Fugitive movie opens on February 11, 2021

In Pedro Coelho 2: The Fugitive, rabbits create an impromptu family. However, Peter (or Pedro) cannot shake the reputation of mischief, even if he tries hard. But that can change after he ventures into the garden where there is another world in which his antics are considered. Pedro Coelho 2: The Fugitive arrives on the big screen on the day February 11, 2021.

Ghostbusters More Alm

Ghostbusters movie members Before, Ghostbusters Mais beyond was scheduled to debut in August

To the joy of the fans, Ghostbusters Plus (or Ghostbusters) it had already been announced a long time ago and the film was due to hit theaters in August this year. Due to the pandemic, the Sony Pictures changed the debut for the day March 4, 2021 and, in this new version, the Ghostbusters they are back in a new group, but without leaving the essence of the 1980s classic.


Actor Jared Leto from the movie Morbius Actor Jared Leto from the movie Morbius

Morbius another one of the film programs for this year and that has been rescheduled for March 18, 2021. The film inspired by the comics and has the actor in the cast Jared Leto, a scientist who tries to cure himself of a rare disease, but with this attempt, he ends up contracting vampirism.


Lin-Manuel Miranda also works on the new Sony Pictures filmCanes by Lin-Manuel Miranda will be in the film Vivo

Live the first musical adventure film from Sony Pictures Animation and brings original songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda. The animation still doesn't have an official synopsis, but promises to enchant the public with beautiful images. Live arrives on movie screens in April 15, 2021.


Actor Tom Holland in new Sony Pictures filmTom Holland is in the new Sony Pictures film, Uncharted

In Uncharted, Tom Holland Nathan Drake, who ventures through El Dorado, in the United States, in search of a treasure. In the region, however, Drake needs to dispute this treasure with mercenaries. The film opens on the day October 7, 2021.

Sony and Marvel projects

THE Sony Pictures also announced the debut of two productions in partnership with Marvelbut did not reveal the titles. A feature film hits theaters on the day October 1, 2020 and the other in July 15, 2021. In addition, the company confirmed the Sony Animation Sequence for January 6, 2022.

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Source: Sony Pictures.