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Sony Lana A6400 Mirrorless Camera with Reversible Display for Selfies

THE Sony announced a new intermediate model of mirrorrless camera in its APS-C line with interchangeable lenses. Getting above the a6300 and below the a6500 we now have the middle option, the a6400, with an improved autofocus system and a reversible display to help you with your selfies or when you want to shoot yourself.

The camera has an AI system that can "lock" focus in just 0.02 seconds, tracking a moving object, for example. You can even turn on a person's eye focus function automatically, to make it easier for you to shoot and shoot moving people without having to choose a focus point.

The camera has a sensor of 24.2MP It is capable of recording at up to 4K resolution. It also has a mechanical shutter and an electronic shutter for different photos.


The first EOS R is a mid-range camera, but a professional model is also in the works.

The a6400 was announced at the suggested price of $ 899, but can also be purchased together with the 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens, then for $ 999. There is also the 18-135mm Zoom Lens kit, where the price comes out for $ 1,299. Shipping begins in February.

Source: GSMArena. [TagsToTranslate] sony a6400