Sony Introduces New Bluetooth Speakers Focusing on Battery Life and Resistance

During a press conference today, the Sony introduced to the Brazilian market the wireless wireless speakers SRS-XB41, SRS-XB31 and SRS-XB21that bring long battery life, compact design and resistance.

Speakers come in different color models and unique technologies Extra bass, Wireless Party Chain and Party booster, which enhance the sound and allow you to color lights customizations of the body of the product.

In addition, they all have IPX67 certification, which provide protection against water, dust and even mud. With this, the speakers can be used at beach parties, for example, without the user being afraid of spoiling the device.

The models XB31 and XB41 feature up to 24 hours battery life and an exit USB power, which lets you use the speaker to recharge devices like smartphones and tablets.

J the speaker SRS-XB21 bring up to 12 hours autonomy and should come with a more modest price. Like the other models, the product uses the Bluetooth with NFC.

The SRS-XB41 and SRS-XB31 Bluetooth speakers hit the market in June, while the SRS-XB21 is set to begin selling in July. More information will be available on Sony website.

Source: Sony. [TagsToTranslate] sony