Sony fails to provide enough camera sensors for smartphones

Sony fails to provide enough camera sensors for smartphones

THE Sony today may not be the all-powerful Sony of the 1990s, but the Japanese giant still has a very strong name in a number of areas, some directly aimed at the consumer, such as the PlayStation, and others behind the scenes of the technological world. . The company is still, for example, the main supplier of camera sensors for smartphones in the world and seems to be experiencing some issues related to that.

According to the Bloomberg, Sony will set up a special scheme for the second consecutive year: its production lines will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during the end of the year. Still, according to the head of the company's semiconductor unit, Terushi Shimizu, it may be that the pace is not enough to meet the demand of Sony customers.

The Japanese company has invested in the expansion of its semiconductor and camera sensor factories: this fiscal year, investments in the area will double to US $ 2.6 billion, and a new plant in Nagasaki (Japan) will start operating in April 2021; the idea is to increase the monthly production of wafers, from the current 109 to 138 thousand per month.

About the difficulties in production, Shimizu spoke as follows:

Judging by the way things are going, even after all the investments in capacity expansion, it may not be enough. We are having to apologize to our customers because we simply cannot produce enough.

The customers cited by Shimizu, of course, are major smartphone makers, like Apple and Ma exclusively use Sony sensors in iPhones, and may suffer from the delay in their production. There is still no real estimate of how this difficulty could affect the availability of iPhones, but we may have some problems in the coming months.

The report of Bloomberg also corroborates Apple's plans to adopt Sony's latest technology in terms of image capture: sensors Time of Flight (ToF), who can “see” in three dimensions and, with that, create detailed depth models with clear separation of planes, more realistic Portrait Mode and various applications for games and augmented reality software.

That is, of course, if they can produce parts at an acceptable rate. To be?

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