Sony explains Xperia line's "environment-aware" technology

Sony engineers have launched some applications to explain how the new technology that allows Xperia devices to recognize when out or in the water works. From a sound-based principle, the Japanese manufacturer has relied on user experience to make clear the need for waterproof certification of its rugged smartphone line.

Sony underwater apps
Sony apps for underwater use show how environmental awareness features work! / Sony

As the owner of an Xperia Z2, I am quite happy that I can use the device while I run in the park and get a shower, or when a friend drops a glass of beer on the bar table on my cell phone. However, although I know about water resistance certification, I never quite understood how the hardware recognition process of the device works and what keeps it working even underwater.

How does your Xperia know they are in the air or in the water?

Well, thanks to the wisdom of Sony engineers, you can now understand the whole process. The company has launched a series of applications to explain how the new technology that allows Xperia devices to recognize when they are underwater works. The principle seems simple: use a detector that generates an incomprehensible human audio signal, and records a sound through the microphones in the unit. From this process, spectrograms of different values ​​are generated, allowing the phone to recognize whether it is in the air or in water.

To test the full possibilities of this technology, Sony has made available a special series called "Underwater Apps" or "Underwater Apps". Such apps are designed to show when your smartphone recognizes whether the environment in question is dry or wet.

In total there are only six apps developed by the manufacturer and you can see how they work in the promotional video below:

Watch the video on YouTube.

The good news is that if you are a developer and want to use technology in your app, just go to the Sony Xperia line of programmers to find the code and start using it in your app. The bad news is that if you have an Xperia, you still have to wait a little longer to try out these apps, as the series is only available for T-Mobile's Xperia Z1s and Xperia Z smartphones in the US.

But even so, I will include below the address of all Sony "Underwater" apps in the Play Store. Now, wait until the APK of apps is available.

And, do you consider the phone's environment-recognition technology a groundbreaking feature or haven't you found a functional application for such a feature?

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