Sonos welcomes HomePod brilliantly; former company CEO sincerely praises the product

Reviews and general comments about the HomePod pop up all the time and opinions are diverse, especially when the Apple speaker compared to its rivals what we already did in one of our videos here on .

And in a battle, nothing like a light and very intelligent provocation. This is exactly what Only U.S did on Twitter, on the day of the launch of the new Apple device:

Good luck with the launch of your #homepod, @Apple. We did a playlist to you.

The most interesting part, besides being greeted by the rival, is the genius of buying a playlist so that the music titles form a message to Apple. And, as if that weren't enough, Spotify's built-in list, a light joke on the inability of HomePod to natively reproduce songs from that music service. streaming (AirPlay only) the Apple speaker works only with Apple Music, iTunes Match, or music purchased from the iTunes Store.

Sonos playlist for HomePod

Below is the transcript of the message left by Sonos, through the music titles. Recalling that now the company is selling two Sonos One for the same price as a HomePod and, therefore, says that "two is better than one".

Hello / Apple / Something about us / Together / It feels right / Even though / You're crazy / For this / Home / POD / Remember / Two better than one / Just kidding (Dreams) / a party / Everyone is coming to my home / To you / Come as you are / Fruit machine / No matter what you say / We will be friends / despite everything.

· • ·

Even though it started with some (good taste) jokes, the company seems to have a very clean game, mainly because even its co-founder, John MacFarlane, wanted to meet the rival up close, bought the device from Ma and made very nice comments from his first impressions on Twitter:

I bought my HomePod. First impressionsGood packaging, easy setup. Great sound. Without breaking the volume. A little heavy on the bass (Jimmy Iovine effect).

Probably surpasses a single Sonos One, altogether, acoustically. Two Sonos Ones, in pair, do a superior job.

A good start for Apple.

Even stressing that two Sonos One do a better job as described in playlist , the former CEO gave his sincere opinions, praising HomePod in what he thought was necessary.

However, like most people who have been testing the Apple speaker, MacFarlane highlighted the fact that not supporting Spotify is a problem, and that “AirPlay is not the answer”, in addition to “they need to open the platform for apps, ”said the co-founder in a series of tweets.

He also praised Siri's improvements, especially in relation to speech recognition even at the maximum volume, but said he has times when what recognizes his speech is not necessarily the device (probably should refer to some other iGadget which also responds in the same way).

With these comments, he certainly must have received a flood of questions regarding the rival, as he answered in a tweet about how Sonos has several options (lines) for the entire house, while HomePod's intention is just one. In addition, Sonos has good connectivity with other speakers and even smart TVs, while Ma's option connects only with Apple TV.

Finally, continuing his super-sincerity and fair play, MacFarlane also said that “it was a great start” for Apple and that, once it integrates HomePod with other music services, it will be an even better product. "If you only have one room in which you listen to music, it is super recommended," he revealed.

But the executive did not finish by and continued commenting on his products and the HomePod as he responded to the comments of the curious on his account on the bird's social network. You can read all conversations on the cofounder's profile.

via The Loop, 9to5Mac