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Sonos Controller for Android | AndroidPIT

The potential of handsets may well be measured by their power to aggregate different apparatuses into a single handset: camera, game console, calculator, etc. The analysis that we will make today an application that has to do with controls. The app is called Sonos Controller for Android. Keep reading our review and find out what this app can do.

Functions & Usage

Keep in mind that this app is a kind of remote control system for Sonos devices. This means that it concerns almost exclusively users of Sonos sound systems. But what about this Sonos? Well, cable-free sounds. One of the system components is connected to the home router and the others can be placed anywhere in the home.

The components can be managed via remote control and you will be able to access data such as Spotify streaming service or online radio services. Current trends and the technology of some somewhat obsolete devices have led Sonos developers to replace the official system controller with an iOS or Android app.

Before talking about the app's features, let's talk about its tablet version, or rather its non-existence. The developers of Sonos Controller for Android missed the real opportunity to make a good tablet version, although there is one for the iPad. A feather.

When you start the application you will be prompted to connect to your existing Sonos network. We did tests with different phones and everything went very well. Once installed, you can choose a music player if you have more than one Sonos device connected. Players can be grouped and synchronized.

Given this, we can do nothing more than take our hat off to the developers of Sonos, as they have done everything for the application to work well both in terms of fluidity and controls. In addition, Sonos does everything you would expect from a remote control such as playlist access, gesture management, track erasure, etc.

Other app features: You can insert new music, browse through the list of radio stations and streaming services (as long as you pay the 9.99 euros monthly fee …) and create Sonos playlists. Such lists are stored in Sonos. Sonos comes with an integrated alarm clock, by the way.

We can conclude that the Android version is at the same level (if not better) than the iOS version. In the Android version, for example, you can access SonosNet or change the WiFi channel. This last function is very useful in case of interruptions or interference. We can not forget a detail: there is no version for tablets …

Screen & Controls

There are two things we don't like about Sonos Controller for Android. The first is that its directives are very similar to those of iOS and the worst is that Android 4.0 ICS-specific options are not included. We know it's complicated to design exclusively for Android, but, in our opinion, the developers had a good time to think about. in that, since the iOS version was released six months ago …

Secondly, Sonos Controller does not run similarly on Android and iOS. It's a shame that fun iOS animations don't exist for Android.

Nevertheless, we cannot deny that Sonos Controller for Android comes with very good controls and a lot of potential. Many of the features are not optimally arranged, which makes us say that this is not a logical app, nor intuitive.

Speed ​​& Stability

During the testing period, we had a crash problem, but it was not about Sonos Controller for Android, but about Spotify. Despite this minor setback, the app worked perfectly.

Price / Performance Ratio

Sonos Controller for Android is available for free from the Google Store. Of course we are not taking into account the good hundreds of dollars or euros you will have to spend to have all the equipment at home for the app to have functionality …

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