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Sonos Amp Brings AirPlay 2 Support and Integrates Your Speakers with the Enterprise Ecosystem

The smart speaker market may be slowly gaining traction among consumers, but that doesn't eliminate the fact that many people around the world still value an older, neatly assembled sound system and high-quality components. What to do to integrate these components into the new age of digital media, therefore? Well, a very simple solution, now, use an AirPort Express. THE Only U.SHowever, it has something much more ambitious in mind.

The famous audio company announced today its newest accessory, called Sleep Amp. A successor to Connect: Amp, the device presents itself as a hub that connects your old speakers or stereo system to Sonos' extensive ecosystem with crystal-clear audio transmission, direct access to over 100 audio services. streaming and transmission protocol support AirPlay 2from Apple.

The device capable of connecting up to four speakers of 125 watts each, with several ports with high fidelity audio connection, we even support HDMI ARC protocol, for connection to televisions, and separate connections for left and right outputs. Narrow systems. Amp also has native integration with Alexa, so you can connect it to an Amazon Echo device to enable specialized voice commands.

Sonos is taking the opportunity to release a number of new APIs to developers that will allow Amp to integrate with various home automation systems, and while Apple is not mentioned at any time, we are likely to see the device integrating with Amp. HomeKit in the near future.

Of course, being a product for advanced users looking for the last word in audio streaming, the Sonos Amp doesn't come cheap: each unit costs $ 600 and initially (as of next December) it will be made available only through professional installers, who will use the accessory to create a home audio ecosystem integrating the product into the user's speakers.

The news reach the final consumer from February next year, only.

via Cult of Mac