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We can't tell if Sonic was one of those games that made history, like Mickey Mouse made history in the cartoon world. What we know for sure is that you, at least once in your life, played Sonic. And if you were one of those hardcore fans, know that it came to Android: Sonic CD. Want more details? Read our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) Android Version: 2.3.6Root: NoRoda From Android: 2.1It is likely that the goldsmith is already old. But he is still as fast as in the old days. Many of the readers must have played Sonic in childhood, others watched the cartoon. And for the younger ones, it's time to meet him through a game made for mobile devices. Once the 270 MB of the game has been downloaded (it took forever to download, however much we have a good Internet connection), an impressive video will tell the story of Sonic. The hedgehog has to go a long way to Lake Never. On the little planet there are stones of time, which fuse past, present, and future. They are very valuable, by the way. And of course, it's not just Sonic who is interested in these stones. Dr. Eggman wants them too. And he arrives before Sonic on this path and decides to cage the little planet. Sonic's mission then becomes to save everyone and undo the machinery created by his enemy.

Game levels should be completed as quickly as possible. And all the rings that are found along the way must be collected, since they mean points and lives. Each time you come across and bump into something or something, the rings fly into the air. However, before they disappear once and for all, it is still possible to recover them. If the shock occurs at a time when you have no rings, the game is over.

In terms of graphic quality, the app remains very faithful old school: pixelated and very colorful. The same goes for the soundtrack, which continues with that classic 90s melody. The controls boil down to two virtual buttons and a crosshead that appears and used when you want to jump. In short, the controls are very simple and are well adapted to smartphone technology.

ConclusionThe Sonic CD is undoubtedly a great remake of the 90s classic. The full smartphone version remains very true to the original game. We have no doubt that Sonic fans will leap for joy to learn that the world's most famous hedgehog is back.

Screen & Controls

Two virtual buttons mimic the command of the old days. It is the truth that they perform their function very well. The Sonic CD remains very faithful to the 90's game and also very colorful and pixelated. It is noted that the developers were careful to pay attention to the small details of the original game to design this remake.

Speed ​​& Stability

The Sonic CD works great for what happens all the time on screen.

Price / Performance Ratio

The Sonic CD is available on the Play Store for 3.55. We consider it a good price as it is a very well done remake that runs smoothly.

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