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You may have heard of Songify. It's an app that turns your voice into music and a hit with iOS devices. How about reading our review to find out what Songify has in store for you?

Functions & Usage

In a nutshell, Songify is an app that transforms what you say into song, meaning it inserts a melody into your voice. Even if you're one of those totally out of tune when you sing, Songify sharpens your voice. And the funniest thing is that anything you say turns into a song. It can be as much a Drummond poetry as a leaflet of your favorite medicine.

Don't expect your music to be the summer hit or that you'll be the new Michel Tel from the charts. What we guarantee you will have fun and a lot.

The voice produced in the half-synthetic songs and reminiscent of the resulting songs are very reminiscent of the Cher songs of the 90s. But don't forget: you won't result in a marvel of engineering. For example, the voice and music volume is quite irregular. Sometimes the voice is very soft and the melody is very loud, which makes it difficult to understand what you are singing.

The app already comes with some free songs. If you get tired of them, you will have to buy new ones. Such songs cost a few coins which are obtained by installing other apps like Draw Something or eBay.

You can view favorite songs from the Songify community and even use the song you just made as a ringtone. Songs can be saved and shared via email, SMS, Facebook or Android's integrated sharing function.

The criticism we have to say is that Songify for Android doesn't come with the live option. The iOS version automatically transforms what you say into synthetic voice.

ConclusionSongify is a fun app, a great pastime. Of course this is very subjective and you have to draw your conclusions. For some, the app is a waste of time, for others, the last sensation.

Screen & Controls

Songify's Android design is very similar to the familiar iOS design. In fact, it is not so adapted Android interface. So we hope the developers will think about it for later versions.

Speed ​​& Stability

Songify crashed twice during our testing phase. Specifically when browsing the Winners section. It was necessary to restart the app. In addition, the application behaved very well.

Price / Performance Ratio

Songify can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The advertising banners are very discreet. But beware: there are only a few music tracks to select from. Therefore, you will eventually have to buy others for guaranteed long term fun.