Sonaecom multiplies profits to 29.7 million euros

Sonaecom yesterday presented at the end of the day the financial results for the first nine months of the year, showing an increase in net revenues to 29.7 million euros, which multiplies by 11 the values ​​of the same period that had been fixed in the 2 , 7 million euros. In the same period, EBITDA grew 9.1%, reaching 149 million euros.

The first half’s net revenue had already been very positive, with 19.6 million euros in profits.

Despite this rise in net results up to September, the company recorded a drop in turnover of 4.5% to 684.1 million euros, where the new termination rates and the reduction in roaming revenues weighed, as well as the expected reduction that resulted from the “deceleration of the e-initiatives program”. Even so, Sonaecom indicates that these were offset by the increase in revenue from customers in the Mobile and service revenues from SSI.

It is recalled that just yesterday Portugal Telecom presented its financial results for the same period, with record net revenues resulting from the capital gains obtained with Vivo, but reporting declines in revenues in the mobile business.


Optimus reached 3.54 million customers in the first nine months of the year, up 6.4% and managing to increase the postpaid subscriber base to 32.8% of the customer base.

Average revenue per customer (ARPU) fell to 13.6 euros, dropping around 1.2 euros compared to 2009, which the operator attributes in part to the reduction in interconnection revenues.

In this period, data revenues already represented around 30% of service revenues, while data revenues without SMS already account for 75.4% of the total.

In the fixed network, turnover fell by 3.1% compared to the same period in 2009, to 180.7 million euros. The company admits that “the 8.8% increase in the operator revenue line was not enough to offset the 11.0% decrease in the level of customer revenue”.

The total number of accesses fell again, dropping to 436 thousand, 15.1% less than in the first nine months of last year. This drop is attributed to the residential segment as the Corporate and SMEs segment increased its presence in the market, gaining 11 thousand new lines (to 149 thousand), an increase of 8%.

In the area of ​​information systems, also part of the holding company, Sonaecom highlights the growth of WeDo Technologies in the international market, where approximately 64.1% of this company’s revenues were generated.

But the total SSI turnover decreased by 11.5%, to 102.3 million euros, due to the 24.7% reduction in equipment sales and the impact of the deceleration of the e-schools or e- initiatives.