Some users are able to watch Instagram rights on the web version

Some users are able to watch Instagram rights on the web version

With the COVID-19 pandemic increasingly frequent, the Instagram community is betting on live streams on the platform to liven up the days of social isolation. Previously a feature of the mobile application, livestreams can now be viewed via the web, according to what has been detected by some users of the social network and Android Police.

Launched in 2016, Instagram directives have been updated, allowing, for example, real-time question and answer sessions since 2018. Additionally, it has also become possible to share photos and videos during the broadcast. However, the live stream feature was only available in the mobile application.

This Sunday, through Android Police, it was possible to see that this reality has changed, with users being able to watch rights via the web. The social network community is now able to follow live streams on larger screens.

Live streaming on Instagram via the web version Source: Android Police

While the comments on the mobile app appear in the image of the live broadcast itself, in this new version everything written by viewers appears alongside the video. However, it should be noted that users are still unable to initiate a live stream through a computer.

However, The Engadget sent some questions to the social network about this launch, but, so far, has not received any answer.

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Instagram has released some news to inform and encourage users of the social network. One of them was the launch of a new "way of surfing" on the social network through video calling, Co-Watching, which allows the user to view Instagram posts together with followers via video calls.