Some people are having connectivity issues on iOS 12.1.2

Last week Apple released iOS 12.1.2 to address an issue with eSIM configuration on the XS, XS Max and XR iPhones, and to try to reverse a court ruling involving Qualcomm patent infringement in China.

The new version of iOS also solved a mobile connectivity problem of the new iPhones in Turkey. Interestingly, some users are now complaining that after the update, it is impossible to access the internet through the mobile data network and / or make calls, as the Forbes.

Thanks @Apple @AppleSupport for the Christmas gift since upgrading my iPhone to iOS 12.1.2 I can't access cellular data. I reset my device and now I can't activate it anymore. No service. You better fix this in an update soon! 😡

@AppleSupport when the next iOS update arrives? My son's and wife's phones cannot make or receive phone calls after downloading (iOS) 12.1.2.

It seems that the problem does not appear to be restricted to a country or region, nor to a specific iPhone model. In one case, the user reported that they can only access the Facebook app with the mobile data network. Safari and other apps cannot load any content.

For now, Apple has not reported whether this is a software problem and has not said how to review the situation. An Apple customer in Miami said Apple Store employees are not aware of the situation and advised him to reset the device to a new iPhone.

I'm in Miami and, according to the Apple Store, the solution reset the phone as a new iPhone. I don't want to lose and reinstall all my apps. I'm waiting for (iOS) 12.1.3 to see if the issue is resolved. Basically, until then, I don't have a cellphone 80% of the time.

If you are experiencing this or another problem with iPhone connectivity, you can try to resolve it by turning off the “Wi-Fi Connections” option (Settings Cell Phone Wi-Fi Connections). Other measures include performing the downgrade for iOS 12.1.1 (which is still signed by Apple) or register with the Apple Beta Software Program to install iOS 12.1.3 beta.

Although I have not commented on this, it is likely that Apple has already become aware of these cases and has already included a solution to the problem in the next iOS update.

Are you having a problem with your iPhone connectivity? Tell us below!

via Digital Trends