Some owners of iPhones X are reporting strange green lines on their screen.

New product, new problem. Not even the strictest company in its quality control processes is immune to minor defects in some units, especially in initial batches, right? Of course the iPhone X This could not be the exception to the rule, and after the curious case of appliances that did not work well in the cold, we have one more example of this inevitable fate.

Over the past week, the new smartphone's first in existence, some users have accessed Apple's support forums and other media such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and the forums. MacRumors to report that their devices were displaying strange vertical green lines across the screen.

@AppleSupport my iPhone X already has a problem. It has a green line along the right portion of the phone. The restart does not solve. Known issue?

Bright lines, which appear only when the display is on, do not appear since the device was first activated instead, they appear to develop over the first few days of use. According to the affected users, the devices have not suffered any physical damage and the lines persist even after a system restart or restoration.

On Apple's support page, about 40 consumers, owners of X iPhones of all colors and capacities, say they have been affected by the issue so far, in any respect, a very small number considering the universe of X iPhones already sold, but still not despicable. This, of course, without considering all possible affected users who have not (yet) reported the problem on the internet.

According to consumers who have contacted Apple, the company is changing affected appliances immediately and collecting data to find out what could be causing the problem that, it has been speculated, may have to do with a feature of OLED technology that would be activating the green sub-pixels of the screen. There is not yet, however, an official word from Cupertino on the matter.

via MacRumors