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Some new MacBook Pro owners are having problems with loud popping

Every launch of a new product brings its dose of trouble, but if I wasn't any less superstitious than a door, I'd say these new ones MacBooks Pro received some competition plague.

After the controversy over the supposedly quieter new keyboard, the buzz with kernel panic and the gigantic controversy with Core i9 processors, however, this much smaller and less frequent problem, if put into perspective but still catches the eye.

Owners of some drives of the new MacBooks Pro turned to Apple's support forum of MacRumors and platforms like YouTube to report a problem that has affected their models: some rather crackling “pops” intermittently loudspeakers computers (both 13 ″ and 15 ″).

Check out some videos documenting the problem:

So far, no one knows exactly the cause of the noise, or what kind of situation they come up with more or less often, the affected users were doing different tasks, such as listening to music on iTunes, watching a video on YouTube, or using GarageBand. . Strange sounds only come from the built-in speakers of the machines: by plugging in an external accessory such as a Bluetooth speaker or headphones, they fade out completely.

It is good to remember that a little less than two years ago, a similar problem appeared on some MacBook Pro 2016 drives but the flaw only came when the machines were running Windows from Boot Camp and was relatively more serious: in some cases the crackles were so strong that they permanently damaged the speakers. That does not seem to be the case now.

In the forum of MacRumorsSome users have speculated that the problem is in the device's audio drivers which is a positive outlook, as it may be corrected in a future software update (as opposed to, say, a defective piece of hardware). It is not known, however, if any of the recent beta versions of macOS Mojave already solve the problem.

Apple has not yet commented on the case, but if you are facing something similar, you can directly contact the company's technical support to try to get an answer and if you can, be sure to tell us the result. We will look out for the next chapters of this story if they arise.

via MacRumors