MacBook Pro com linhas horizontais na tela

Some MacBooks Pro models are experiencing horizontal lines on the screen

And here we go to another problem that, unfortunately, has affected a significant number of Ma users. MacBooks Pro have been for almost two years (!) reporting the appearance of horizontal lines and other problems related to screens their computers; so far, however, Apple has not commented on the issue.

The first news of the problem appeared on the iFixit forums in August 2018, reported by the owner of a 13-inch MacBook Pro (2016, Retina model). Several other users said they suffered from similar problems.

The question was then replicated in our MM Frum for the first time in April 2019 and again answered by several other users suffering from the problem. The affected models are always MacBooks Pro, but the sizes and models vary: there are cases of machines from 2015 and reports also of the new 16-inch MacBooks Pro, indicating that the failure may have a relatively wide range.

The “wave” of users affected by the problem has recently emerged again, when our honorable editor-in-chief, Rafael Fischmann, posted his account on Twitter and received dozens of responses from people suffering from similar effects.

So far, no one knows for sure what caused the horizontal lines and “strange effects” on the screens, but most affected users are able to mitigate everything by placing the MacBook Pro in front of an air conditioner, which suggests an overheating problem. on the panel or any component connected to it.

Some users, with machines already out of warranty, tried to take their Apple MacBooks and get a repair within the repair program for machines affected by the "Flexgate"; the company, however, denied the free service, stating that the problem was different and the repair would normally be charged an amount ranging from R $ 2 thousand and R $ 4 thousand, depending on the model, for the complete replacement of the screen.

As stated above, Apple has not yet commented on this possible flaw, so there is, in principle, no way to resolve the issue without spending a wrench of money. A good action line is currently accessing this feedback of Ma and report your preferred problem in English, since the page of the company's American website (use Google Translate if necessary).

If the company receives enough reports, hopefully an investigation into the problem will be launched. We roast.