Some iPhone X owners are experiencing activation issues

Yes friends! If you read the title well, that means yesterday (same day as the release of iPhone X) And today, owners of the new device are already experiencing some problems.

The one in question, which was several times reported on the MacRumors, on Twitter and Reddit, came about when users tried to activate the carrier number on the new device. After the error, they received the message below:

IPhone X activation issue

As the English message explains, there is a congestion on the carriers' servers: “The activation server is temporarily unavailable.” By all accounts, we are facing a major congestion because we have too many devices being activated at the same time.

Various readers of MacRumors They were able to activate and proceed to the other steps of setting up the device after several consecutive attempts, while others were able to activate only after re-starting the process manually or through iTunes.

I called Apple. As someone else posted, they asked me to shut down and restart. It still didn't work. They told me to call AT&T, and that's what I did. They confirmed that the servers are congested, but gave me the automated activation phone number. I called him, the system said it was on but nothing happened on the phone itself.

I swapped the SIM with my previous phone nothing yet.

I connected to iTunes and after having to restart the process several times due to errors (I think because the servers were congested), I FINALLY got it, it actually upgraded to 11.1 and restored the backup at once.

anthonymoodyin the forum MacRumors.

The problem seems to be happening only in the United States, mostly with AT&T customers; There are cases, however, also affecting Verizon devices even though the company denied that such problems would be happening on its servers.

As reported, the problem falls on operators' shoulders at Apple's

via MacRumors