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Some iPhone X * cases will not fit on iPhone XS

O iPhone XS I look like the iPhone X that, from its announcement until now, the world simply assumed that the apparatuses were physically identical (in the measure) and therefore the cases of the deceased device would fit their successor perfectly. Well, not the case.

The japons blog Macotakara, already in possession of the iPhone XS, has come to the conclusion that some tighter iPhone X cases may not fit the new model because of a literally millimeter detail in a very important component: the rear camera.

"Difference "Difference

iPhone XS Right | Images: Macotakara

Probably because of the new sensor capable of capturing larger pixels (or maybe Apple just wants to earn a few extra bucks), the camera module on the iPhone XS is slightly larger than its predecessor, with a height of 25.50mm against 24, 13mm on the iPhone X. Reflecting this change, the hole in Apple's official leather case for the new device is also a little bit bigger: 25.68mm versus 25.39mm.

O YouTuber Marquees Brownlee took the opposite test and fitted an iPhone X into the official case of the new iPhone XS. As you can see, a gusset from the rear window is exposed right and at the bottom of the hole to the camera:

Public Utility Notice: iPhone X cases will not fit perfectly into iPhone XS. The cam bounce a few millimeter larger fractions this year.

This is an iPhone X with an iPhone XS case from my review.

Obviously, “slacker” iPhone X cases with more generous cutouts for the camera will have no problem accommodating the iPhone XS. On the other hand, tighter models, such as Ma's own official accessory, will certainly be out of the joke.

If you're unsure what to do with your money and trade your iPhone X for the XS, keep this in mind and set aside a few extra bucks to buy a new case, as we don't want to expose the thousand-dollar pets. to the world's weather.

via Cult of Mac