Some HomePods stopped working when upgrading to iOS 13.2 [atualizado 2x: iOS 13.2.1]

Today, as we reported, Apple has released the iOS / iPadOS 13.2as well as the iOS 12.4.3, The tvOS 13.2 and audioOS 13.2 (software that equips the HomePod). In parallel, shortly after the arrival of these systems, Apple Music stopped working for some customers around the world.

Except that the thing does not seem to have been just with Apple Music, no. According to some reports from readers of , the App Store and iTunes Store also seem to have suffered from the problem (already resolved, it should be noted). Apparently we are talking about a problem with Akamai, a company that hosts some services from Apple and other companies like Trello, Steam, etc. on your servers.

And, coupling the release of new systems with a possible problem on those servers used by Ma, we may have found that some HomePods stopped working just as they were upgrading to software 13.2.

Not all users who made the update were affected, of course I did the update here myself while the Apple Music issue was going on and everything is working perfectly, but some may have been “winners” in this lottery. And the consequences are not good, not

Since HomePod simply stopped working, it shows a white swirl at the top, in a sort of loop Users are contacting Apple, which is replacing the defective units.

Except that, as HomePod is not officially sold here in Brazil, Apple doesn't support it. So if you own a HomePod and have not yet upgraded to iOS 13.2, my recommendation is to wait at least until tomorrow for everything to actually be normalized there so you won't be at risk. Any news, obviously, we will notify here.

via MacRumors

Update by Rafael Fischmann 10/29/2019 06:50 AM

By the way, it was really serious. At dawn Apple took the HomePod update for iOS 13.2 off the air and, as noted by the MacRumors, recommends in a support article that upgraders don't try to reset their devices at this time or remove them from the Home app (Home).

Apple recommends that all users affected by the problem contact their technical support immediately.

Update II 10/30/2019 7:28 PM

IOS version 13.2.1 for HomePod

Apparently Apple fixed the issues with the HomePod update and relaunched it under the version 13.2.1. We'll see if it's going now!