some fun facts about Apple Union Square and store employees

Apple Union Square

The new Apple store in San Francisco has opened. And we’re not talking about any store, no. The company went to great lengths to do something really cool, not only from a visual point of view, but also conceptual (like a new space for serving Genius, a square open 24 hours a day for consumers, among other things).

Apple Union Square

We have already shown all the details of the store including the opening of the space, but it is always cool to also stay on top of some relevant curiosities about this type of project. Want examples? THE Patently Apple listed some costs involved, such as the space itself (US $ 19 million), the traditional staircase made of glass (US $ 1 million), the improvements in the anti-fire system (US $ 2.28 million), the roof that captures energy solar (US $ 800 thousand), the interior / exterior structure (US $ 250 thousand), among other smaller investments.

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Apple employees

Leaving San Francisco and expanding the scope of the stores, a former employee of an English Apple Store (worked for Apple from 2011 to 2015) decided to share with Business Insider some curiosities about how to work for the company. The interview is long and has many details (many of which are repetitive / widely known), but it is interesting to note how practically everything happens with these people.

We already know, for example, how secret the company’s culture is. But did you know that store employees sign a confidentiality agreement on the first day of work that prevents them from talking publicly about the day-to-day or even taking a selfie on Facebook with the famous blue T-shirt?

There is still a darker side at least in the UK, where this former employee worked, as employees being unable to be promoted internally (or even moving from part time to full time). The vast majority receive about 8 pounds sterling per hour (which gives about R $ 42, or US $ 12), which is incompatible even with the price of Ma’s products, many of them suffer to acquire the products they sell.

It doesn’t matter if you sell one product (an entry-level iPad) or 20 (Macs Pro, which are much more expensive) a day; your salary will not change. From a financial point of view (for the employee), this is no longer an incentive for him to perform better and better. On the other hand, exactly what Apple’s culture enters: the idea of ??not selling the most expensive item to the consumer, but rather what he needs (there is no point in pushing a 15 ? MacBook Pro to someone who only needs an iPad mini, after all, that consumer at the front would feel cheated and very likely not to return to the store).

Apple employees

At least according to this employee, Apple does not fire people for not selling the expected quantity of products, but those who do not have that attitude desired by the company, to treat the customer as a friend / family member. In this sense, there is so much pressure that managers even ask an employee to serve a person and find out what his favorite ice cream is (precisely to develop this more human side of service). ?

There are also «crazy» customers that employees have to deal with every day. Most of them lose control when the product stops working, but some go over the top and curse for problems that are completely out of their control (like an accessory from another brand that has stopped working). This employee in question has already seen a co-worker receive a ?come over? from a customer and has also received a death threat for not repairing a product that was out of warranty, nothing much different than what we have reported about Apple stores Here in Brazil.

Now join «crazy» customers with a turbulent day and you will have the recipe for despair! The incredible charge for satisfactory service and the number of customers that must be served on a launch day, for example, do not make things any easier for those who meet this challenge. There are days when employees simply cannot see the floor, the store is so full.

Even though you are an Apple employee, there is a certain division. According to this interviewee, you are actually an Apple retail employee, not an Apple employee (how corporate feel). And with the lack of this career plan for those who want to thrive internally, basically only people who want to continue being salespeople remain in office.

Like everything in life, there is also the bright side of working at an Apple store. Starting with the selection process, which is more difficult than entering Harvard (at least according to Apple’s own statistics) and selects people who, in theory, are more educated and creative. That is, if you entered, why is it good! ?

In addition, employees have a nice discount to purchase Apple products and a 15% discount on the company’s shares (which can be purchased every six months, the 15% being applied on top of the lowest value of the stock in this period) .

As we mentioned above, you are also not evaluated by the amount of products you sell; but for the quality of its service (if it left satisfied consumers). And, due to the very selective selection process, it turns out that this small community formed by employees is very nice people.

Apple employees

However, we have to take into account that the whole scenario described above was commented on by a former UK store employee. Although all of this is really true (and we have to take into account that he is a former employee and may have left the company in a not very friendly way), it does not necessarily reflect the reality of other stores in the country. worldwide!

Furthermore, changes may have arisen in the management of Angela Ahrendts to which this employee has not had contact (I definitely hope so, as this story does not enter my mind that the company does not offer a career path for employees who want and want to prosper ).