New 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display

Some customers are going to change the batteries of MacBooks Pro 2012/2013… and coming back with brand new Macs! [atualizado]

Who is an Apple user – and, well … how are we MacMagazine, we are the majority here – you know that, in addition to a tremendous quality of software and hardware, when purchasing a company product you will also have a beautiful after-sales service, hardly found not only in companies in the technology sector but in any sector. But it’s great when the company goes beyond what we know and manages to surprise us!

Some first-generation Apple Watch users who need repair, for example, may end up “winning” an Apple Watch Series 1 in that exchange, as reported by MacRumors. That’s because, apparently, in some countries, Apple is out of stock of the original model. The difference between the models is not huge (only the S1P chip, which is faster, dual-core), but it is still good news. But nothing compares to what Apple has started to do in some countries, now.

New 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display

According to the same website, some users of MacBook Pro with Retina display from 2012/2013 with battery problems (holding less than 80% with less than 1,000 cycles) are receiving a brand new MacBook Pro when sending their machines for repair. That’s right! Imagine leaving your “old war” MacBook Pro at an Apple store, paying $ 200 to change its battery and receiving a glowing Touch Bar ?!

This all has a justification, of course: the lack of top cases with integrated batteries. This scenario should remain so until mid-September, when top cases return to the company’s inventory. Meanwhile, Apple is offering two solutions to consumers:

  1. The customer simply waits until the top case be available again – and because of the inconvenience, Apple will bear the costs involved in repairing it;
  2. Offer a model that is functionally equivalent to that of the customer.

I am not stating here that you will deliver your MacBook Pro “tired” and receive a 2017, but that is what happened to some users who shared their sagas on Reddit. The fact is that even those who did not see their machines being exchanged for the latest model launched received a better one than the ones they had (for example, 2015 or 2016 models). Apparently, it depends on the local Apple stock.

The user NoTes, for example, said that Apple switched its 2012 15-inch MacBook Pro to a 2017 model with Touch Bar. The process took about ten business days and he was allowed to keep his old MacBook Pro on hold. The only cost was the $ 200 battery service fee. Another one who was also harmed by this unfortunate exchange was the Brazilian Lucasfsb, who did it all (probably paying R $ 1,100, which is the value of replacing the battery here in Brazil). It’s bad?! ?

It appears that these exchanges are taking place in Australia, the USA, Brazil, the United Kingdom and some other countries – and it doesn’t matter whether or not your Mac is covered by the AppleCare extended warranty.

Update Jul 26, 2017 at 09:08

Several topics on Reddit are already indicating that Apple is no longer replacing MacBooks Pro 2012/2013 that need battery repairs with a newer model, as indicated above – such as this user’s example ajh103. According to him, the top case in question should return to stock within 1-2 weeks. Thus, Apple is informing customers that they should simply wait for the piece.