Some cool tips for those who have an Apple Watch

Despite having introduced new technologies (Taptic Engine and Force Touch) and having a different navigation from other Apple products (although it is a touch sensitive device, Digital Crown was a novelty), most interactions with the Apple Watch as well intuitive. Even though it is easy to navigate through the features of the watch, there are some hidden or very subtle details that are worth sharing.

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Differences between notifications

Try opening the Apple Watch Notification Center (by sliding your finger from top to bottom on the display). Now browse the notifications. Did you notice that some have square cones while others have round cones? Because . This, fortunately, is not an Apple design flaw, but rather a subtle feature.

Apple Watch notifications

The notification's square icon means that it is being forwarded directly from the phone and that there is no related application from that app / service installed on the watch. Thus, the possibility of interaction with the notification is very low (in most cases they are only there to show you the information, offering a “Discard” button).

Apple Watch notifications

Now, if the notification icon is round, it means that the app in question is installed on the watch. This means that if you open the notification you have more options for interactions (as in some cases tapping the message itself to be taken directly to the app, more buttons available besides "Discard", etc.).

Apple Watch notifications

Mail, however, is an exception (and so far I haven't found another app like it). Notifications from the native iOS / watchOS email client may have square and round icons, but the explanation for this is simple. If the icon is square, it means that the message received is not in the box configured in the Watch application (on the iPhone). So you don’t have much time to interact with her.

Mail setup on the Watch app for iOS

Now if the message received is in the configured box (here I left the Inboxes), yes you can interact more with it either by replying, checking the message, opening the app, etc.

Looking for the iPhone (sonically and visually)

One thing that many of you should know is that on the Apple Watch there is a button to "find" your iPhone if you don't know where it is. To do this, slide your finger from bottom to top on the display and look for the Summary “Settings” (in the default setting it is the first one from left to right).

Now just touch the button with the iPhone icon so that it emits a sound.


For this to work, the phone must necessarily be close by as the watch must maintain the Bluetooth connection to it. Although this search is for a small area, I have used it here a few times.

What you may not know is that if you keep your finger on this button for a few seconds, the iPhone will not only emit a sound but also flash the camera's flash, helping you to find it (especially in dark environments).

Using Siri

Using Siri on the Apple Watch is easy: you can summon the virtual assistant by pressing the Digital Crown for a few seconds or raising your arm (waking up the screen) and saying “Hey Siri”. What few people should know is that you can confirm a question from the assistant by answering it directly.

Responding with Siti on Apple Watch

For example: if you are going to send a message to someone via Siri, she will transcribe what you dictated and ask if you really want to send it. Just press the Crown for a few seconds and answer "Send" or "Do not send" for the assistant to go into action (without having to touch the buttons on the watch screen).

“Nudges”, drawings and lost heartbeat

Do you know those “nudges”, drawings or heartbeats that friends / family can send you via Apple Watch? Because you have three ways to view them.

The first two are very obvious: view everything when the person sends you or touch the notification that will be stored in the history. The third, however, few of you should know.

Missed interactions on Apple Watch

Just press the side button (the one under the Digital Crown) and slide your finger from left to right to see the history of missed interactions.

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Details, but that make a good difference in the use of the product. 🙂

(via Mac Kung Fu: 1, 2, 3; @bzamayo)