Some apps are not able to stream content (via AirPlay) to Apple TVs with tvOS 10.2

Owners of 4th generation Apple TVs, here's an alert: when updating the set-top box to tvOS 10.2, released this week, apps like Airfoil, Beamer and Airflow lose the ability to "play" Mac / PC content to Apple TV (that is, their basic principle).

In his blog, developer Rogue Amoeba (creator of Airfoil) stated that the new update to the operating system of fourth generation Apple TVs broke the app’s ability to transmit audio to the set-top box (both from a Mac and a Windows PC). The company is already talking to Apple to understand what may have happened and to resolve the issue in a future update.

Airflow in tvOS 10.2Airflow in tvOS 10.2

We tested content streaming on the Beamer and Airflow apps, also without success.

Beamer on tvOS 10.2Beamer on tvOS 10.2

In these two, the problem is not restricted to audio and also includes video. The only one that seems to have escaped the problem was Squirrels' AirParrot.

For now, if you use one of these apps, you have a fourth generation Apple TV and you still haven't updated it, it's good to wait until everything is properly resolved.

(via AppleInsider)