Software for filing the Income Tax 2016 is now available for download

Software for filing the Income Tax 2016 is now available for download

THE IRS today released the software to declare the Income tax referring to the year 2015. The declaration, however, can only be sent from the next Tuesday (March 1) to the April 29 deadline.

The sooner you send the Revenue information, the greater the chances of receiving a tax refund on the first batches, which are due to be released from June 15th.


There are some changes to this year's program. In 2015, deponents needed to place the CPF only for dependents over 16 years old. In this year, however, all dependents over 14 years old must have the CPF declared the idea to reduce fraud, such as the inclusion of fictitious dependents.

Another significant change is the need to inform only the CPF of the spouse or partner (if any, of course), without having to inform their income. The IRS also reported that it would make better use of the data from the previous year's declaration in order to facilitate filling it out. In addition to the CNPJ of the paying source (which was already the case), data on savings and financial investments will also be filled in (with blank values). Income from rent is now reported separately (previously the data was entered in "Taxable Income Received from Individuals and Abroad by the Holder" in the "Other" column; now, it should be included in the "Rent" column) .

Now there is also a single button (“Deliver declaration”) in the software capable of checking pending items, recording and transmitting the declaration before, these steps were separated. According to Joaquim Adir, national supervisor of the IR program, if there are any pending issues, the declaration will not be transmitted. If the taxpayer only wants to check pending issues and does not send the declaration, there will still be a check button.

In this year's statement, the IRS crosses the data on medical expenses and / or with taxpayer lawyers with the information provided by the service provider. This information now needs to be included in the statement by these professionals. If the accounts hit, the taxpayer with high medical expenses will no longer have the statement retained in the fine mesh.


There is no deduction limit for medical expenses. The ceiling for deducting tax on expenses with dependents is now R $ 2,275.08; politely, the maximum allowance of R $ 3,561.50 per person (including dependent); the maximum deduction for domestic servants will be R $ 1,182.20.

Who should declare

The declaration required for Individuals residing in Brazil who received, last year, taxable income above R $ 28,123.91 adjusted by 4.9% compared to 2014 income or exempt, non-taxable or taxed income only at source ( such as labor indemnities, savings accounts or donations) in excess of R $ 40,000.00.

You must also declare who made any profit in the sale of goods and rights subject to income tax in any month of the past year (such as properties sold at a profit), or who carried out variable income operations in the past year, such as buying or selling shares in the handbag. Taxpayers who registered gross income in rural activity in excess of R $ 140,619.55 in 2015 or obtained, on December 31, 2015, ownership of property or rights, including land, which cost more than R $ 300,000.00, must also declare Hi F.

You can now download the software on the website of the IRS and leave everything ready to send from March 1. To trigger the statement, you will also need to download the Receitanet software.

Mobile applications

The option of making the statement by tablet or smartphone also exists, however, in a slightly more restricted way, with no income above R $ 10 million, or coming from abroad, nor capital gains. The apps for this, however, are not yet available in the app stores (such as the App Store and Google Play).

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The IRS expects to receive 28.5 million statements in 2016 last year, 27.9 million people were accountable.

(via EXAME, Folha de S.Paulo)