SofMaker Office wants to make you forget about MS Office, and has version for Linux!

The German company SoftMaker has just celebrated its 30th anniversary by releasing a new update for SoftMaker FreeOffice. An office suite with extremely interesting visuals and features for those coming from Microsoft Office.

SoftMaker Office for Linux

SoftMaker Office is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux (Android too), and has free and premium versions, the update promises full compatibility with Microsoft Office 2019 files, allowing you to open, create and save files in DOCX, XLSX formats. and PPTX, maintaining compatibility with older versions of Office since 2007.

SoftMaker Office

The software has received usability enhancements, with shortcuts and icon placement in the interface to facilitate the migration of people accustomed to Microsoft Office, especially because the "Ribbon" interface is already present.

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