Soccer with drones the newest sport in South Korea

During Amsterdam Drone Week, a new sport caught the attention of people attending the drone soccer event.

The new sport combines the competitiveness of football and the excitement and fun of flying drones. The question remains: will the new sport become popular with drone racing?


The AWC group in Australia is assisted by a DJI aircraft equipped with a thermographic camera

According to the DroneDJ website, the sport was first seen in South Korea. Earlier this week it would also be seen at Amsterdam Drone Week.

Two teams of riders face off in an enclosed area using drones equipped with 360-degree cages, making them look like soccer balls and ensuring that drones can collide unharmed.

The cages containing the drones are made of carbon fiber and have LEDs to indicate their position. Each team aims to make football drones fly to the rings positioned on the field.


All teams use the same aircraft, who wins the best schedule to cross the line …

Although the description makes this seem easy, only one drone can pass through the ring. Other drones must defend or attack the drones of the other team.

The main focus of football with drones at the moment is STEM education. For those who don't know, STEM education proposes teaching based on four specific subjects – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Drone football can serve to introduce students to the drones and technology behind them by addressing their creation and the coding of the software used.

Check out the video showing football with drones:

Source: DroneDJ. [TagsToTranslate] drones