So you can download stock ROMs (factory) for your Android

Nowadays, smartphones are subject to operating system failures. As with computers that, over time, need to be formats and install the operating system again, smartphones different, because at some point it will need to have the Android operating system installed again.

Several factors can result in a new Android installation again, such as: locking and constant slowdown on the smartphone, infinite loop on the start screen, where the system never boots, among many other possible, that would cite here would not fit this Matter.

But when things like that happen, the way to solve is quite simple. Just look for what we call ROM stock, also known as factory ROM, which is nothing more than what came installed on your smartphone when you bought it from the store. Remember that in the event of a crash, a simple restoration may resolve.

Each device has its own pure factory ROM, and they can easily be found on each manufacturer's own website or on specialized websites that group together various ROMs from a variety of companies. Check out a list of some specialized and safe sites for you to be downloading the ROM stock for your smartphone model.

Android MTK

As the acronyms MTK indicate, this is not the ideal site for you that has smartphones with a MediaTek processor. Here you can download pure ROMs for free and also has tutorial on how you can install. The site has a vast amount of stock ROMs.

Opera Instant 2018 07 16 162335 androidmtk
Android Site MTK / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Access the site by clicking here

Need ROM

Another great site specializing in ROM stock, this being one of the best known to everyone in the Android world. Its great advantage is that, in addition to countless ROMs, it also has modified ROMs, the famous Custom ROMs. To have access you need to make a small registration and then login.

Opera Instant 2018 07 16 163232 www.needrom
Site Need ROM / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Access the site by clicking here

ROM firmware

Firmware ROM is a true fruit salad in terms of factory versions. It is even possible to find ROMs of older models of smartphones, even one that has not been manufactured for a long time. Another differential is the number of ROMs for lesser known Chinese devices, such as the Calme S15.

Opera Instant 2018 07 16 164504 firmwarerom
Site Firmware Rom / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Access the site by clicking here Stock

Lastly, we have the only site entirely in Portuguese. It is very complete also with regard to pure ROMs. It has as its great repertoire the stock ROMs of smartphones with Snapdragon processors. It also has ROMs for smartphones with a MediaTek processor, but to a lesser extent.

Opera Instant 2018 07 16 164749
Site Stock / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Access the site by clicking here


Simple and powerful what defines this site. With a simple interface many people are only interested in it, but its contents are full of hundreds of stock ROM. To get an idea, even Spectrum processor smartphone ROMs found here. Super recommend it.

Opera Instant 2018 07 16 172149 www.leakite
Site Leakite / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Visit the site here

The vast majority of people don't care much about stock ROMs, or even don't know about it. In particular, I find it very important to always keep the base system in the computer for a possible emergency, as you never know when we will need it.

And do you know any other site to download stock ROMs?

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