So, what do you want most on the “iPhone Xs”?

So, what do you want most on the “iPhone Xs”?

In a few days, we will have a big Apple special event to launch the iPhones 2018. A lot about them has already leaked, including their possible names, but before we have official confirmation from Apple, we want to hear from you.

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We had the idea of ​​setting up this mini-survey after a similar (but more limited) survey done by USA TODAY, with 1,665 American consumers.

Lastly, a better battery led with 75%, followed by “unbreakable” glass (66%), expandable storage (44%) and headphone output (37%). Removing the notch, you see, it was the choice of only 10% of the participants.

Well, let's see then, what would you choose! In addition, we also included questions about the names of future iPhones, because, apparently, Apple lost a little hand in this 😛

We will announce the result soon!