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So Paulo makes birthday and wins app: meet SP Mobile

Paulista Avenue

So Paulo turns 458 years old today. Those who know the world realize one fact: undoubtedly one of the most interesting cities on the planet. The mix of the local element and cosmopolitanism is something not seen in every city in this world. In So Paulo, we have a most interesting Art Biennial. The Film Show is an event that confirms the connection that "drizzle land" has to world film production, without reducing its distribution to the Hollywood industry (which is not interesting, but not the only one in the world) . Bars and nightclubs exist for all tastes. Barra Funda is home to a number of clubs, some of which stand out for simply bringing the hottest DJs from around the world. D.Edge, for example, has already brought to Brazil one of the finest djs of the new generation: Nicolas Jaar. Music festivals and band concerts complete this musical patchwork that boils So Paulo's cultural cauldron. And there's so much more: dance shows, plays, exhibitions by leading artists in various art galleries.

City that houses Copam, MASP, Vale do Anhagaba and the narrow alleys next to Pateo do Collegio where one can still see the architectural strength of the coffee wealth and, especially, the industrialization of the 1950s. his vocation to be the cultural avant-garde of the country since the days of 1922, the year of the Modern Art Week. City that was inspiration of verses or tales of Oswald de Andrade or Mrio de Andrade. Or even reason to be sung because something happens in the heart of those who cross Ipiranga and Avenida So Joo. So Paulo welcomed migrants and immigrants, who played a decisive role in making the city even more cosmopolitan. People from all over Brazil mixing with Italians, Japanese, Koreans, Syrian-Lebanese and so many other peoples brought their culinary peculiarities that, made Brazilian, give locals and tourists the privilege of eating well and in a varied way. .

So Paulo by Tarsila do Amaral

We don't want to delve into everything beautiful in the city. And we do not even want to talk about the serious problems she suffers from (just to mention, the problem of real estate speculation, flooding, unbearable traffic due to the lack of a decent policy that prioritizes public transport). We just want to honor So Paulo. And as we are here on a site that deals with Android apps, do not think that there is no relationship between the birthday of So Paulo and Android, because you make a mistake.

SP Mobile for Android

The city of So Paulo launched last year an app about the city. Your name: SP Mobile. According to the website of the city of So Paulo, it is an app made for tablets and smartphones and that gives various information about the city. The app even offers some tips of tours according to particular interests. This can be seen in the main menu from the "Theme Routes" option. With this option, for example, it is possible to make scripts such as architectural, historical, coffee or Afro culture. Other featured options are: "Food & Drink", "Shopping", "24h Services", "Parks", "GLS", "Tourist Attractions" and "Health and Wellness".

We think the app left something to be said about telling the history of the city through the tourist attractions, for example. Any of the attractions came with a succinct and objective explanation, but no associated photo description. As this is a free app, it is worth a look, especially if you do not know very well what So Paulo has to offer. The app still accesses the sites of suggested establishments, has GPS and provides itineraries.

For those interested in SP Mobile for Android, here is the link from Android Market to download it.

Source: City of So Paulo

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