SNS 24 helpline strengthened with new virtual assistant from Altice Labs and Google Cloud

Developed at Altice Labs, in partnership with Google Cloud, BOTSchool is a virtual assistant that starts to reinforce the service line of SNS 24. Altice Portugal claims to be the latest technology and to serve as a tool to help professionals health to answer helpline calls and make a quicker diagnosis of users' symptoms.

BOTSchool uses Speech to text (ASR) technology, which, according to the company, made it possible to respond in record time to the reinforcement of the line, at a time of great growth in demand for information about the COVID-19 pandemic. Its creation was in response to the request of the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health, which aimed to respond promptly to the growth of calls.

The virtual assistant was trained and prepared to respond automatically, through IVR (Interactive Voice Response), to calls from the SNS line (808 24 24 24), accelerating the process of attending professionals in service.

For fast service, and in order to respond to the challenge, Altice Labs' BOTSchool uses the Gloogle Cloud API to use ASR technology. By allowing you to convert audio to text, using artificial intelligence models, this solution presents itself in a more natural way, that is, dialogues similar to communication between humans.

Altice Portugal says that BOTSchool simplifies the creation and management of BOTs, which allows companies of any size to be able to automate a substantial part of their service, in order to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of their customers.

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