Snoppa Vmate filma em 4K e é mais um concorrente para o DJI Osmo Pocket

Snoppa Vmate shoots in 4K and another competitor for DJI Osmo Pocket

We recently reported here the arrival of FiMi Palm, a portable gimbal with integrated camera capable of high-resolution capturing, generally with the same proposal as the DJI Osmo Pocket. And now, coming in to compete with them, Snoppa Vmate, which started at IndieGoGo, the crowdfunding site, is being announced, far exceeding its initial target.

Xiaomi lana Fimi Palm, portable DJI Osmo Pocket clone gimbal

To get out of the role he had the help of 2000 supporters who liked the idea. Snoppa Vmate shoots in 4k, has WiFi connection without the need for an accessory and promises a friendlier price, around R $ 785.

The supporters liked the idea so much that the company even raised R $ 1 million and 800 thousand in the campaign and is going to increase. Now that it is in production, it remains to be expected to arrive at the home of the first consumers to see if it offers everything promised.

Among the highlights of the device is the fact that it can cover an angle of up to 400 and have rotating lenses, also weighs about 118g, which facilitates its portability. Something that was highlighted in our little review of DJI Osmo Pocket's size, which should remain an interesting property in Snoppa Vmate as seen in the device images.

While the FiMi Palm has a 128 lens, the Snoppa has 81, which makes it look more like the 80I's DJI Osmo Pocket.

Below the gadget specifications:

3-axis mechanical stabilization; Integrated color 1.22 "live-view LED touchscreen (850 Nits brightness); 1 / 2.3" CMOS image sensor (12M effective pixels); Ultra-wide angle lens (81); 90 degree rotating lens (landscape / portrait mode; (email protected) video recording up to 100Mbs (H265); (email protected) for cool slow-mo videos; Built-in dual microphones (noise reduction or stereo audio); Wireless connectivity (WiFi 5G + Bluetooth 4.1 ); USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C wired connection; Multiple creative modes (Panorama, Time-lapse, Motion-lapse & Hyper-lapse); Smart tracking; Up to 160 minutes working time ((email protected)); ND filter compatible; Vmate Adapter with GoPro and Tripod mounts, Compact size (37,632,3122 mm), Ultralight (118 grams).

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