Snapnator: your new solution for having MagSafe on USB-C devices, including the newest MacBooks Pro

As soon as the 12-inch MacBook was announced with just one USB-C port, tech lovers MagSafe they were upset – no wonder. Soon, several alternative solutions appeared, such as Griffin’s BreakSafe, which really is a hand in the wheel.

After the last special event in which the new MacBooks Pro were announced with four Thunderbolt 3 ports and no MagSafe, you might think that the same adapter would do, right? Unfortunately, wrong. On the company’s own website, the new 15 ″ MBP is not listed and the reason for this is because it demands a higher power (87W) than the adapter can deliver (60W).

But, as people don’t waste time, Kickstarter has already come up with a solution not only compatible with all new MBPs, but also with any other device that connects via USB-C: o Snapnator.


Snapnator consists of two small adapters with one USB-C tip and the other, magnetic. Just connect one end to your MacBook and the other end, obviously, to your power cord. On the product description page, those in charge say it is possible to offer up to 100W of power, which is enough to charge all MacBooks, including the newest Pros.

The most interesting thing about this adapter is that it is possible to connect it not only to Apple notebooks but also to Chromebooks, smartphones or any other device that uses USB-C as a charging technology.

The Kickstarter project needed $ 25,000 and has already exceeded the $ 50,000 raised, with more than 1,250 supporters. Prices start at $ 19 to receive only the adapter and larger contributions even offer other USB-A to USB-C converters, among others. If you are interested, you can contribute until December 27th and the delivery is scheduled for January 2017.

[via 9to5Mac]