Snapdragon Wear: Qualcomm announces investment in wearables

American company wants to increase the popularity of Snapdragon Wear platform, and is not measuring efforts for that. Understand Qualcomm's strategy to make it happen

O4G / 5G Summitit's happening inHong Kong,between 22 and 24 October, and theQualcomm announced yesterday (23) that it is closing partnerships with leading companies in the wearables.To accelerate the growth of this ecosystem, the company focuses on increasing its platform for smart watches, theSnapdragon Wear.

With the newly launchedSnapdragon Wear 3100, the new collaborations aim to support manufacturers so that they can quickly develop wearable devices supported on the American company's platform. We explain in this article the fruits that these partnerships can bring, and which companies are already working withQualcomm.

Focus on production

The American company is working with leading manufacturers in the MDGs(companies that manufacture products that will carry another company's brand) and their main players. They are:Compal Eletronics, Longcheer, Huaquin, Thundersoft, Franklin Wirelesss and Smartcom.

Since entering the smart watch market,Qualcommworks together with its customers with the aim of launching more than 200 devices by 2020, which means practically putting on the market one new product a week.

Qualcomm event board giving details of investments in Snapdragon WearCompany is focused on offering large quantity of products

Panjak Kedia, Senior Director of Marketing at Qualcomm, said the wearable market is exciting, and it has been growing rapidly. He stressed that the platformSnapdragon Wearbrings important innovations in intelligent detection and connectivity, transforming segments smartwatch, kid watch, and smart tracking.

He also insisted on highlighting the importance of new partnerships:

“Working in collaboration with key MDGs and players in the essential segment to expand this ecosystem of wearable devices and help our customers (partner companies) bring innovative products to consumers around the world.”

The closed alliances will allow new technologies to be launched, and the greatest privilege with this will be the consumer. The merger will allow an update of existing technologies, as well as the development of novelties that will boost the market. THEQualcomm gave more details of what is to come.

Partnerships to boost smart watch market

The announcement of the partnerships was made only yesterday, but of course, all of this had been agreed for a long time. THEQualcomm It has already released the news that these alliances can bring. With several partnerships closed at the same time, it will be possible to:

  • decrease the development time of smart watches and bracelets;
  • improve products produced for children;
  • make improvements to devices that connect to 4G networks;
  • and even better use of GPS in these products.
Smart watches that feature Snapdragon Wear, manufactured by QClosed alliances with several manufacturers may change the market for smartwatches

Reduced development time

Launched in September of that year, theSnapdragon Wear 3100allows a low energy consumption, designed to offer new experiences in theWear OS.THEQualcomm revealed that he worked closely on reference projects based on theSnapdragonWear 3100 from Compal Eletronics and Longcheer.

Montblanc Summit 2 watch that features the Snapdragon Wear 3100, processor manufactured by QualcommMontblanc Summit 2 is the first watch to feature the Snapdragon Wear 3100. Source: Trusted Reviews

This partnership resulted in a shorter time to manufacture new products, without leaving quality aside. The reference projects of the Compal Electronics and Longcheer are idealized for to allow whatdevelopment timeof a next generation is reduced. The two companies involved said that they are excited about the partnership withQualcomm, and that new projects are already being worked on.

But these partnerships should not only affect older users, and children should also be privileged with the “fruits” of that union.

Accelerated transition from 2G clocks to 4G kid

Launched in the middle of this year,Qualcomm announced a processor (also called by the platform company) that would target child smartwatches, and it would be namedSnapdragon 2500.But many of these smart watch models still use the 2G network, and the American company wants to change that.

Working closely with the MDGs Huaqin and Thundersoft, aQualcommHe said it will help accelerate the transition from 2G to 4G kid, so that children will be able to access new technologies through smart watches. The projects were based on the platform designed for products launched for children.

Smart watch that features the Snapdragon 2500, made for children, and manufactured by QualcommOne of the focuses will also be to bring 4G to children's smart watches

THEHuaqinsaid she is excited to enter the smart watch segment once and for all and willwork to bring attractive designswith connectivity 4G LTEin China and the rest of the world, using the platformSnapdragon Wear 2500.J aThundersoft highlighted the growth of the smarwatches market, and that the platforms ofQualcomm I will help companies to reduce development cost and time.

But the partnerships will not only focus on reducing product time and cost, but also on making better use of existing technologies. The American company also sought partners to improve the use of GPS in smart watches.

Better use of GPS for greater security

O smart tracking industry is growing As operators increase the coverage of mobile internet networks, and this enables better use of GPS in smart watches, since in order to function and send information he needs an internet connection.

THEQualcom j supports to the smart tracking for products used by children, pets, the elderly and even valuables. But to work, these products need to be idealized on platformsSnapdragon Wear 1100 and 1200.To expand the scope, the company said it will work with the companiesFranklin Wireless, Meig, BorqsandArima.

Smart tracker watch that will be one of Qualcomm's investment focusesProducts with smart trackers are not left out

THE Franklin Wireless market leader in solutions of smart tracking, and is excited about the collaboration withQualcomm.It was also said that the work has already started, so that the launch of new products based on the platform of the processor manufacturer is made as quickly as possible. With this, both hope to provide a complete and ready to use tracking solution.

And finally, theQualcommhas announced that it will help speed up the deployment of the 4G network in smart watches, so they won't be disconnected for even a minute.

All connected smart watches

With more and more smart watches being launched, Many their still can't connect to 4G networks because they are not yet everywhere. If these nets mobile data have greater coverage, it would be possible the deployment of new technologies.

THEQualcomm said he is working withSmartcomso that networks can be integrated in more places. This will help the smart watches to be connected at all times, allowing for better use. The platformSnapdragon Wear it would also be better used.

Increased 4G coverage on smart watches and the company wants to work, too

All of these investments mean thatQualcomm it wants to popularize the platform of smart watch devices once and for all, and is not measuring efforts to make this happen. The strategy used is brilliant.

Qualcomm seeks to give Snapdragon Wear more visibility

THE endeavor used by the company quite intelligent, because unite The manufacturers Of success in the market smart watchesfor all of them to use the same platform technique for increase the scope in the market.

Contract in the smart watch market risky, but it should work

THE company j It has one success story in the market smartphones, and practically all existing cellphone manufacturers today use the processors manufactured by it. Remains to know if the investment in the market smart watchesTue so much success as previously mentioned, but this shouldn't be an investment wrong.


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