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Snapchat improves the quality of the Android app and discovers the obvious

After seeing his impression of ephemeral clicks slowly eaten by Mark "Grudge" Zuckerberg, Snapchat people are experiencing faster losses than gains. Not having much to run to, they decided to take the obvious: improve the Android app. And, even more obvious: it's working.

Following the backlash of many people my age or older, I learned to use Snapchat, and I enjoyed the service a lot. The fact that it posted little tablets of content that went out in 24 hours was interesting. It was a whole different language that had been developed.

android betas the vs ios 11
Platform competition also happens between services / AndroidPIT

And how many times have I had to explain to friends I know the answer to the question: Why is Snapchat on iOS better than Android? The answer was always painful: because there is so much more worry about the iOS app than the Android app.

Android users have always been much more numerous, but that doesn't matter. With a large market share in the United States, land of many app start-ups, iOS is a favorite for hipsters, trend setters, and is a favorite among developers.

So seeing their numbers go down day after day, Snapchat CEO Evan Spigel came up with the brilliant idea to completely redesign the service app for the Android platform. Over the past few months, they have slowed app launch time by 20% and seen the number of Android users increase. So they decided to take everything they have learned in the last five years and rebuild the app from scratch so that it looks much better.

AndroidPIT instagram 8633
Not only with Snapchat do we see differences between platforms, on Instagram too / ANDROIDPIT

Now? Now that you are embittering Zuckerberg's revenge, do you decide to realize that Snapchat for Android has always been slower and slower than iOS? And now that iOS users have already migrated to the next service, decide to redo the app for those who use the robot system?

The worst thing to realize is that Snapchat is not alone in this. Many other popular apps and even Instagram Stories themselves are superior in some functions on iOS. Many new features come first for iOS, and in the case of Stories, the difference in quality of video compression on one platform and another is clearly visible.

I really hope you don't have to see all our favorite apps lose market to pay attention to the numerous and vivid Android users.

The other side

However, I need to note that it is not solely the fault of the developers and app companies and services. Unfortunately, Android itself is to blame on this story. While iOS is a more concise platform as it exists on less than a hundred Apple devices, Android's fragmentation is a hotly debated topic for all who enjoy the platform.

Snapchat itself reported that last quarter its app was used on over 60,000 different Android smartphone models. There are 60 thousand, thousand, from several different companies, against less than a hundred produced by the same company.

It's a very complicated and super complicated mission for these companies to develop apps that run perfectly on each of these devices. Not even a list of the most popular would be easy, as it would easily exceed a thousand handsets.

That is why this is a challenge that needs to be faced by the companies that offer these services, because they must offer a decent working app. But it is also Google's duty to provide a stable platform for developers.

And you? What do you think of apps that work better on iOS than on Android?

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