Snapchat image editing functions should come to WhatsApp

Looking at the code of the new beta version of WhatsApp, you can already see that the service should gain tools that allow you to edit and draw on photos and images before sharing them with your contacts. Do you know which other app does it too? Yeah, Snapchat.

The feature is not yet available, but the staff of the Mvil Messaging dived into the beta 2.16.150 package and found clues that we will have image editing tools among the new features of WhatsApp.

Among the 421 new files were found six new icons that are still inactive, which show that, just like Snapchat, WhatsApp also has image editing functions. These files include draw_tool_background_normal.xml and draw_tool_background_selected.xml:

mensajeriamovil whatsapp snapchat 2
Six new image editing icons come to WhatsApp beta / Mensajera Mvil APK

On Twitter, a user has even shared the layout of the app with the new editing functions. According to this same user, the function is hidden, however, I still can't make it work using my app account:

Since Google used Snapchat to officially name the new version of Android, I've been paying more attention to Snapchat, especially because I've discovered the "Stories" and "Discover" feature. When I compare WhatsApp to Snapchat now, I can say that WhatsApp offers a very large number of extras, besides messaging. Because of this, staying longer on Snapchat is not a problem.

I believe that in order to keep getting new inscriptions, the app developers have decided to invest more in details such as image sharing, which offers users more possibilities as they can share images with text, drawings and perhaps more stickers.

How to download WhatsApp beta

If you are interested in knowing the upcoming features of WhatsApp, you can join the official testing program of WhatsApp. Remember that the files available on the messenger website (whatsapp/android) will still be hosted on the page.

With the program, new updates will be distributed through Google Play. To do this, the interested user should go to this page, sign in with their Google account and download WhatsApp on their device if the app is not already installed.

After registration, simply wait for new beta version updates to be notified. Once you have signed up for the program, you no longer need to download APK from the WhatsApp website.

And, do you think image editing tools are relevant to the daily use of WhatsApp?

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