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Snapchat: good or bad? Learn how to use the app and check out some tips!

Do you use or know someone addicted to Snapchat? Although it is a success today, I will not be surprised if you have never heard of this app one of the points that most motivated me to write this article.

Let's go to a quick explanation.

Snapchat app icon

The Snapchat app is a kind of social network for you to send snaps (photos, videos and texts, but that's what users call it). However, its differential is that these contents can be viewed for a maximum of up to 10 seconds. After that, the messages disappear or remain in the history of the person who received them for up to 24 hours to be reviewed and disappear altogether!

The “feeling” that the posted message goes away in seconds or within 24 hours is perhaps one of the main reasons why Snapchat is successful today. But you must be asking yourself, “Can't you take a print (print Screen, screenshot) in the photos and texts sent? ” Yes, it is possible to do this, but the person who sent it can see that the screen was captured. However, nothing prevents the person from taking a picture of the content of the message with another device and keeping it for an indefinite period of time (in this case, of course, the sender knows nothing).

The idea is to be a more visual and spontaneous social network, because through the app you have no way to choose a photo that is already on your Camera Roll. practically a “Life Like Her”. With that, many people post quick tips, talk about life, talk silly just like on Twitter or Instagram, depending on who you follow, it will make more or less sense in your life. I have followed many people who give tips on healthy eating, exercise, technology and so on.

You can send photos and videos in onetimeline public (stays there for those who enter the app to view) or private (selecting some specific users or all, who will receive a notification that there is a message on Snapchat).

One of the reasons for the title of this post is to question the app because Snapchat has many common features from other networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Only that these resources are generally hidden. We are talking about hiding places that are not very intuitive (if you use the cell phone with the direct hand, cover one or the other shortcut of the application). I consider myself an advanced application user and I confess to having difficulty finding * naturally * where the app's resources are.

See the screen below, where we capture the photos and videos:

How to use Snapchat

In it we even have some icons that are normally used and indicate what they actually represent, such as the flash (top left) and the camera change (front, rear; top right). Because the button to take the photos already has a first “hidden” feature: if you change and release quickly, it takes a photo; if you press and hold, he films.

A cool feature of the Snapchat front photo that even before Apple implemented this on the iPhone 6s, it already had the front flash feature when emitting an intense screen brightness (even for older devices). It doesn't work like Apple's, but it's still very interesting, which proves that Apple could have put the feature natively on older devices as well, but that's not on the agenda for this post.

Now, what are the other icons? The upper yellow with the Snapchat symbol (which is yellow when someone added it, or white when there is no news) serves to enter the settings and add friends. here that starts a little of the little intuitive accesses. You can also access this screen by swiping from top to bottom. The other two cones at the lower ends carry a list of friends to send private messages to recent contacts (left) and view the snaps sent by those you follow (right). However, you can access these screens by swiping from left to right, or from right to left.

Let's get to the basics: send a snap

To send a snap just touch the bottom central button (to take a photo) or hold (to record a video), either with the front or rear camera. Did you take the photo? Now you can "play" a little with it, putting short texts of up to 27 characters (touching the icon at the top with the letter "T"). After the text is written, you play outside the button on the “Done” button on the keyboard.

The already starts to be worth the part I mentioned of the various hidden tools, if you touch the “T” icon again, the text changes in size and offers two different alignment actions (left or centered). Just tap the "T" to walk through the options.

One way to get text divided into two or more lines the way you want to write it in a notepad outside of Snapchat. Then copy everything and paste it into the text field of the app (always respecting the limit of 27 characters per line).

How to use Snapchat

On the left side of the "T" you will find a cone to add emoticons (represented by a type of “Post-it”); on the right side, a pencil cone that is used for doodling, drawing on the photo. The cool thing about emoticons that you can move them around the screen (placing exactly in the desired place), change the size (using the “pin” gesture) or even rotate (placing two fingers on top of it and rotating).

How to use Snapchat

Do you think it's over? Other hidden things based on gestures are the filters in the photo. If you slide the screen from left to right you will have some filter options. A has a nice thing: the filters start with “stickers” that are displayed differently depending on the region you are in (for example, in Sampa you have the So Paulo flag and a text written “So Paulo – Brazil”). When I was in Orlando, stickers from the city appeared, from companies like Starbucks and also from campaigns against the bullying childish. So each region has different icons.

It has color filters in the photo as well as black and white, another one to make the photo lighter, in magenta color, one that has access to the battery level of your cell phone, the speed you are at the moment (I see a lot of people running or bike putting this off the funny driving and showing the speed of the car), the current temperature, etc.

Another hidden mega tip: you can put two filters of different categories, but for that you need a certain juggling. Choose a filter (for example black and white) and then keep your finger on the screen still; with the other, slide to the right. So it will be possible to put an adhesive, the speed, the temperature and so on. Let's face it, nothing intuitive!

At the top you have an "X" that cancels the photo. At the bottom, if you have taken a photo, you choose how long you want it to be available for viewing (between 1 and 10 seconds nudes pyre!).

The next icon allows you to download the photo / video to your Camera Roll; the later adds your photo / video directly to the timeline public. The last and the least of this screen is the icon for you to select who you want to send the photo to. By tapping the right arrow you decide whether you want to send timeline public or for someone in particular. You can even choose both options so that a person is notified of what you are sending.

View the snaps private received

I commented above what the cones at the bottom of the photo screen are for; if you have new snaps, they are replaced by the number of snaps you have (on the left, the private ones; on the right, the public ones).

How to use Snapchat

By sliding the screen from left to right you will have access to the messages sent to you; to view them, just tap once on the name of the person who sent you (if they sent you multiple messages, a counter appears in the upper right corner to know when it is due to end).

How to use Snapchat

Reading the messages would be a simple matter if they didn't have a series of different icons at first with mysterious meanings. It doesn't really make much difference to know what they mean, but then again, they're not at all intuitive.

How to use Snapchat

cones snaps sent

cones snaps open (by receiver)

Snaps received

Snaps visa (for you)

message cones captures (screenshot)

replay cones

Yoursnap sent without sound has been reviewed Yoursnap sent with sound has been reviewed

Snaps received from profiles you follow (public)

Almost the same as the previous item, but you have to slide the screen to the right. Touch the person's name once. Here, however, there is a mallet. If the person's name is blurred, a sign that the snaps were not loaded, you tap once to download the snaps, and after you run out of smoke, tap again to view.

The cool thing about Snapchat is that if the person has sent multiple images or videos and you don't want to see the 10 seconds until the end, just tap once on the screen and you will automatically jump to the next one.

Another little intuitive tip that does not work on older devices because of the quality of the camera related to putting effects on videos (selfies). Place the camera in selfie (front camera), touch the middle of the screen (or anywhere outside the button to take the photo / video) and, after holding for a while, a grid appears to position your face. With this, Snapchat will know where your head is going when making a video. After that he will enable a series of animated filters while you are filming some of these filters react differently when you open your mouth or eyes.

Confused, huh? Here are some examples:

How to use Snapchat

How to use Snapchat

Have you seen some people posting an image like this on Instagram, Facebook and / or Twitter?

How to use Snapchat

Well, another thing that is also not very well explained by the service / app. It is for you to add friends through a type of QR code called Snapcode (or through your Snapchat username). There are several ways you can add a friend:

  • As if you were going to create a new one snap, take a picture of Snapcode. There, your friend has been added.
  • Capture the screen with your friend's code (on the iPhone this happens by pressing the Initial and Rest buttons at the same time); then v in the yellow cone at the top of the screen, tap “Add friends”, “Add by Snapcode”And look on your Camera Roll for the captured image. Snapchat will scan the code.
  • “Add by Username” if you know your friend's name on Snapchat (name that is just below the Snapcode).
  • "Add from Contacts": here Snapchat will search your contacts for those who already use the app, you can invite those who don't have it.
  • Another way that, in my opinion, should work well in classrooms among young people, because there are a lot of people who use the app, look for users by proximity. Just touch “Add by proximity” (the other person must also have this function open).

Test with the photo posted above.

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I don't know about you, but I find Snapchat very complicated but at the same time very cool (especially in the care of screen transitions). But you have to go a long way to find where things are, and it’s very likely that I didn’t report much that you have hidden in it.

When I was at Teleton (on October 24), surrounded by bloggers, twitterers, owners of YouTube channels, etc. I noticed that these people didn't even use the phone camera anymore. They just did snaps! The funny thing is that if you don't remember to save the photo to the Camera Roll, that memory will fade and you won't have any records.

Some people (including some famous ones) seem to spend all day with cell phones in hand, posting more than 1,000 seconds a day on Snapchat!

What do you think about that? In your opinion, why is Snapchat so successful? Did you find any hidden functionality? Comment below and also tell us your opinion about the app (if you find it useful, bullshit, if you know addicted people).