Snapchat finally releases exclusive lenses for the iPhone X; group video calls and mentions are also coming

O Snapchat he is weakened, but he is not dead even after having a good part of his vital strength sucked by Instagram and other competitors, the social network of the ghost is still thirsty for (return to) growth and has presented some interesting news in recent days.

Shall we take a look at them?

First of all, let's go back to the longnqua keynote in which Apple introduced the iPhone X, more than a semester ago.

Remember that Snap made a small picture at the event with the demonstration of special lenses (which the company gives its special filters) exclusive to the most expensive of the new iPhones? Well, now the filters are effectively reaching the hands of the owners of the iPhone X.

New Snapchat AR Lenses feature for iPhone X

Calls AR Lenses (augmented reality lenses) take advantage of the TrueDepth front camera to apply much more realistic effects to users' faces; at the premiere, three of them will be available: a mask in the style of those seen at the celebrations of Mardi Gras, a skull in the style of the Mexican Day of Los Muertos and a golden carnival mask for the eyes region.

The new lenses are available right now for owners of the most expensive iPhones.

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In addition, good news is also coming to the general Snapchat user community.

The little ghost's social network will soon make it possible for Internet users to make group video calls with up to 16 people; audio callsIn turn, they can have up to 32 users simultaneously (I don't even want to imagine the hell that such an experience will be) and, with that, we have a rare demonstration of an opposite phenomenon, with Snapchat copying resources from Instagram and Skype.

To make a group audio or video call, simply enter your group chat to start the call; the other users will be notified and you will receive an alert when each of them joins the call.

It is possible to switch freely between audio and video during the connection, as well as using filters and lenses at will, which should provide, I imagine, an experience fabulous.

New Snapchat group video calls

In addition, Snapchat is adding another tool that already exists on the other side of the fence, on Instagram: the possibility of Mark other users in their stories on the network.

To do this, just type “@” and the desired username and then select the account in question.

The person will be notified of the mention in the chat and other users who see the story may swipe up to add the user or view their stories.

Group resources and group calls have already started to be made available and will be available to all users over the next few weeks.

Snapchat, of course, can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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