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Snap version of Skype gets update after six months

After six long months, the Snap version of Skype gets updated.

One of Snap packaging's flagship applications, Skype, finally gets an update after a long six months of freezing by the team responsible for the format.

Skype Snap verse gets update after six months

Many Linux users who use Skype were finding it odd that the hottest version of the system, because it was cross-platform, was not in the same version as the other versions (rpm and deb) and thus had some improvements and tweaks contained. in version

But now that's no problem, because the snap version has been updated and is on the same version as its packaging, deb, and rpm sisters.

Another more noticeable new feature is the change of the icon, thus following the same aesthetics as the new Office 365 package icons, which were released in November 2018. If you want to use the new version of Skype via Snap, simply uninstall the old version and install again with the command:

sudo snap install skype –classic

Or looking in the software store if you are using any Ubuntu based distro. But if your distro doesn't have snap installed, just follow this tutorial from us and then run the command above.

As the saying goes, Better late than never, and the important thing is that the Linux ecosystem now has all its versions the same.

There were some rumors and rumors that indicated this delay was because of the complexity and difficulty in assembling a snap package, but this came from some indie apps and was just rumors and rumors.

Snap may not be unanimous among users, but it has been a bit of a success, as well as bringing new apps, upgrades from popular programs like LibreOffice, Skype, Spotify and the like of this credibility.

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