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Snap plugin will be disabled on Fedora 31, now what?

Richard Hughes, RHEL Software Engineer, announces that Fedora 31 will not support the Snap plugin at Gnome Software.

Today (11) Thursday, Richard Hughes, one of Red Hat's top software engineers, announced on the Fedora project developer mailing list that the plugin that integrates Snap packages with Gnome Software will be disabled in Fedora 31. Currently it is disabled and can be activated by the user.


The news may seem scary, but calm! Fedora will continue to support Snap and users who use this solution need not worry. Another point is that Canonical has been developing a new application (store) focused on Snaps. If by the next release of Fedora, such a solution is not available. You can use the Snap Store app, called the Snap Store, and graphically install apps in this format on Fedora and other distributions. Remember that the snap continues in Fedora 31 repositories, maybe only the first installation of a Snap will need to use the terminal, in this case the Snap Store.

The decision was not arbitrary, Richard Hughes himself explains why:

The existing snap plugin is not very well tested and I don't want to be responsible when it breaks. Enabling the snap plugin currently causes gnome-software's UX (user experience) to be degraded, as all search queries are also routed via snapd, rather than being handled in the same process.

Palm, palm, in the prime

With a new Snap Store in mind, Canonical has been making efforts to deliver an improved Snaps usage experience. Hughes reveals that: developers currently assigned to work at Gnome Software have been reassigned to work at Snap Store. Even with an initial impact by not allowing the ability to install Snap programs directly from its store, somewhat impacting the experience of some users who make use of the Canonical format, Fedora is stuck in ensuring the integrity of its project by not giving over themselves responsibilities of third parties. From the project's point of view, such a decision makes a lot of sense, however, undeniable that there might be a little discomfort on the part of one of its users, but nothing that drastically changes the routine of a Fedora user, after all, the package gnome-software-plugin-snap it was not enabled by default.

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