Sales of smartwatches in the third quarter of 2019

Smartwatch segment continues to grow – and Apple continues to dominate

Quarterly, quarterly, and the news is always basically the same: the Apple continues to lead the smartwatches segment, with almost half of total sales around the world – and the market itself is at a great time, growing on its own. According to recent data from Strategy Analytics, the trend remains, but Apple has to keep an eye on one of its main competitors.

Analyzing global sales estimates for the third quarter, the firm found that Apple held 47.9% of the segment – a growth in relation to the third period of 2018, when the Apple took 45% of the market. Sales also had a very healthy jump: from 4.5 million watches sold in the third quarter of last year, we had 6.8 million Apple Watches dispatched in the most recent period.

On the performance of Apple in the segment, the executive director of Strategy Analytics, Neil Mawston, spoke the following:

The Apple Watch remains far ahead of the group chasing it and its global market share has grown from 45% to 48% over the past year. The Apple watch continues to ward off the increasingly fierce competition from potential rivals such as Fitbit and Samsung. The Apple Watch dominates half of the global smart watch market and remains the clear leader in the industry.

Sales of smartwatches in the third quarter of 2019

THE Samsung, in turn, is on an even more pronounced upward trend: the South Korean won 13.4% of the market in the last quarter (against 11% year-over-year) and grew 73% in the sales estimate, with 1.9 million watches dispatched in the third period of 2019 (against 1.1 million in the same period last year).

The segment podium was completed by Fitbit, recently acquired by Google; the manufacturer, however, had small sales growth (7%) and saw its market share drop from 15% to 11.3% – thereby losing the silver medal to Samsung. Let’s see how the purchase by the Mountain View giant will change this scenario.

Overall, the smartwatch market has dispatched 14.2 million devices in the third quarter, a jump of 42% compared to the 10 million smart watches sold in the same period last year. In other words, Apple has every chance of continuing to take advantage of this growth and cultivate the public’s preference for its creations even more – if this will happen in the meantime, however, we will only know in the future.

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