SmartGym 3 comes to the App Store totally renovated

If you don’t already know the app SmartGym, here’s another incredible opportunity to test this app, from the Brazilian Matt Abras – which has already been chosen as “App of the Day” by Apple.

Coach profile on SmartGym 3

After the major update launched at the end of last year, SmartGym has been completely rebuilt for version 3.0, including a new profile for physical educators.

News for iPhone / iPad

According to Mateus, the intention was to launch a new application, given the number of news; however, he decided to release the new features in an update to simplify things for users. So, without further ado, let’s get to the app’s news!

  • IPad support: the new app for tablets has the advantage of using the bigger screen to manage and track all information about your workouts, including support for mode Split View and to Slide Over.

    SmartGym 3 in Slipt View mode on iPad

  • Cloud service: Users can now create a backup of all data and sync it across all their devices via the app’s new online service. This allows you to set up your workout on your iPad before leaving home and access this information on your Apple Watch when you’re at the gym.
  • Resources for personal trainer: When creating a physical educator account, the app automatically updates its interface to display all new features for personal trainer, how to manage and track the training of all students – and even motivate them from a distance through the new interactive notifications on iOS 12.

    SmartGym 3 notifications

  • Predictive actions: This feature allows the app to analyze and predict the user’s next action based on their routine and can work in two ways. At first, the app will display a button for a specific function at the appropriate time within the timer screen; in the second, the timer button (on the “Exercise” screen) is replaced by the one appropriate for the next action.
  • Siri shortcuts: support for Shortcuts (Shortcuts) from Siri allows the user to create shortcuts to quickly access specific routines, view exercise history, measurements and more.

What’s new for Apple Watch

In addition to the new features of the iPhone and iPad app, SmartGym 3 was also rethought for the Apple Watch, which now includes some of the aforementioned new features, including the profile for personal trainer. In addition, the physical educator will receive updates on the training of his students using Watch, all thanks to the new service in the cloud.

SmartGym 3 on Apple Watch

Another new feature for Watch is the SmartSync, which synchronizes, every day, only the routines that the personal trainer will need for a certain day. If a trainer has 10 students, for example, and each of them has 3 different workouts, this means that he needs to memorize at least 30 exercise routines; like SmartSync, The gadget will only synchronize that day’s routines.

In the new version, SmartGym also makes use of Siri’s Watch features, including shortcuts on Siri’s display and SiriKit support, allowing Apple Assistant to control and manage your workout.


SmartGym is available for free for iOS and has an internal purchase option and two subscription options that differently cover news, separated between users and professionals.

For users, the internal purchase costs R $ 13 and releases all local resources (files, history and unlimited measures), except access to the cloud service. With the subscription (R $ 4 monthly or R $ 30 annually), it is possible to save up to 200 personalized exercises and synchronize the data between all devices.

For coaches only the possibility of subscription is offered, which varies according to the number of students that will be registered. Up to 10 students are charged R $ 20 monthly or R $ 190 annually; up to 20 students are charged R $ 35 monthly or R $ 330 annually; for up to 50 students, R $ 50 or R $ 550 are charged respectively – and each student has access to an account Premium of SmartGym.

If you don’t want to buy or subscribe to the app, you can create up to two workouts in the free version. ?

SmartGym app icon: with Home Workouts