Smartbands on sale: Huawei Honor 4 Sports, Xiaomi Mi Band 3, Xiaomi AMAZFIT

The chinese website Gearbest launched a range of smartbands, including some of the most famous and popular models on the market, such as the traditional Xiaomi Mi Band 3, a more complete model of the brand, AMAZFIT, as well as competitors such as Huawei's Honor 3 and Honor 4 Sports. .

Below the purchase links. It is worth mentioning that these products "usually" only suffer the $ 15 post office fee, at least the cheaper models like Mi Band 3 and Honor 4 Sports.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Purchase Link – $ 28.99(waterproof, OLED screen, 110mAh)

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Heart Sports Purchase Link – $ 119.99(IP67, OLED display, 512MB RAM + 4GB ROM, 280mAh)

Huawei Honor 3 Purchase Link – $ 24.99(waterproof, OLED screen, 100mAh)

Huawei Honor 4 Sports Purchase Link – $ 34.99(waterproof, AMOLED screen, 100mAh)

Lenovo HX06 Purchase Link – $ 13.99(IP67, OLED display, 60mAh)

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– Amazfit Stratos is a cheap and excellent smart watch to keep up with your workouts.

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