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Our phone is for making calls, sending messages, playing games and surfing the Internet. We can also convert it into a very practical toolbox. This week we introduced you to Smart Tools – Tools, an app that will turn your smartphone into an even more practical device than it already is.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NoteAndroid version: 2.3.6Root: NoTo install the 4.25 MB that Smart Tools – Tools has, you have to accept the following permissions:

  • Taking pictures this will allow the app to take pictures with the camera. This will allow the app to collect images that the camera is viewing at any time.
  • Control the vibration
  • Record sounds
  • Brightness Control
  • Disable standby mode
  • Precise Location (GPS)

Once you have accepted all of the above permissions, you can start exploring the application for real. It consists of a set of five Pro versions of individual series tools that, in turn, provide another fifteen different applications. The utility of Smart Tools is that by putting together so many applications, you don't have to buy them separately, which would even be more expensive.

Smart Tools divided into five categories:

  • Smart Ruler Pro: Longitude, Angle, Tilt
  • Smart Measure Pro: Distance, Height, Width, Area
  • Smart Compass Pro: Compass, Metal Detector, GPS:
  • Sound Meter Pro: Decibel Meter, Vibrometer
  • Smart Light Pro: Flashlight

Smart Tools developers already have projects to add new categories to the app. It is important to state that the app is made up of many features and so our review will only give you an overview of the app.

Part 1 Smart Ruler Pro

This first part is dedicated to dimensions and angles. In all, there are five different tools: a ruler, a protractor and three meters away. To measure something with the ruler, you must position the object to be measured carefully within the boundaries of your smartphone screen. For this you have two help guides. The measurements taken are accurate in millimeters. With the protractor, the process is similar to that of the ruler and also brings a guide on the screen. The protractor II comes with a digital pendulum. With one touch, you get the appeal of this. The protractor III also has a pendulum and also adds the camera feature of your device, making it easy to access even more angles. This protractor comes with a digital level meter.

Part 2 Smart Measure Pro

It offers a distance meter that, by trigonometry, measures the width and height of objects. For all this to work, the camera feature of your device will be required. It's important to follow the app's instructions. The result is not 100% accurate, but surprisingly close to that. Additional features include width and space measurements, camera zoom and a virtual horizon. If the results are too inaccurate, just calibrate all over again.

Part 3 Compass Pro

This part has a compass. We do not have much to talk about such a feature, because everyone knows what a compass. The most interesting feature of this part is the metal detector. thing to doubt, but the truth that it works is fine. Not a 100% accurate feature, but quick and the electromagnetic wave sensor works very well. For this feature to work, we recommend that you make an initial calibration of your device. Such a feature can be very useful at airports.

Part 4 Sound Meter Pro

In this part you will find the sound and volume features. With the volume meter, you can accurately detect the volume of your current location. And this can be achieved for different sound levels and thereby detect what is relatively loud. This part also comes with a pocket seismograph to measure vibrations! Luckily, our tests were unfavorable to seismic shaking …

Part 5 Smart Light Pro

Finally, the app has a flashlight that can be used by the flash side of the camera or the screen. Such a feature is not the epitome of originality. No doubt there are more efficient apps when it comes to flashlight.

ConclusionSmart Tools – Tools is an application that comes with multiple tools. Although it is not 100% accurate all the time, it nevertheless brings fun and functionality.

Screen & Controls

We should give our arm a twist: Smart Tools – Tools of those very well made apps. We are of the opinion that its design could be more attractive, but in terms of functionality, it leaves nothing to be desired. The very didactic menu gives easy access to all the tools we talked about above. Here you will also have access to a feature to calibrate, statistical parameters, tones and more. In short, everything is very clear and accessible.

Speed ​​& Stability

In principle, we found no problem in terms of performance. Smart Tools worked very well. We even read the opinions of other users, who even complained about the app. But in our hands, the app was fluid all the time. Either way, the app developers are ready to receive problem information so that they can, of course, solve them in future versions.

Price / Performance Ratio

This bombril app (of thousand and one utilities) our app of the week. Smart Tools usually costs 2.18 (approximately $ 2.44). With the usual app discount of the week, your price drops to $ 0.99. Knowing that each of these tools would each cost 0.75, I have no idea having 15 of them for that price.

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