Smart Lock and the addition of a smart icon to the lock screen

Android 5.0 Lollipop: Smart Lock and the addition of a smart icon to the lock screen

During Google I / O 2014, we saw Google’s developers announce a new feature called Smart Lock, which allows you to unlock your device while it’s connected with a smartwatch or headset via bluetooth or NFC via the “trusted devices” option . This feature saves you from having to enter your password, PIN or pattern in untrusted places to access your smartphone, but it is only possible when the device is connected to a device specified as «trusted».

Now, with the official launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop by Google, the Smart Lock function is complete and offers a smart feature to the lock screen lock icon, which allows you to temporarily change the secure screen lock (PIN, pattern, password) by a simple touch.

lollipop screen lock smart icon

Android 5.0 Lollipop: Screen lock icon requires an unlock manual. / © ANDROIDPIT

What Smart Lock is and how it works

In Lollipop, when you pair a new device via Bluetooth or NFC, a notification will ask if you would like to make it a «trusted device.» This means that if your smartwatch, headphones or any other device is connected, you can unlock your device simply by sliding your finger over the lock screen. Of course, this is extremely relevant for anyone who uses a pattern, password or PIN as a screen lock.

To access this feature, go to Settings> Security> Security screen> and set a secure screen lock (default, PIN or password). After that, you will be able to use Smart Lock, in the same «security screen» section; confirm your PIN add your trusted devices.

Android smart lock trusted devices

Using Smart Lock, you can unlock your device more simply and safely in suspicious locations or even at home! / © ANDROIDPIT

From this moment on, your device will be unlocked while connected with the gadget specific, defined as a trusted device. If you want to force the device to lock, you will have to turn off the screen and then turn it back on and touch the lock icon, as shown below.

Android lollipop smart lock

However, the function can only be used when you are connected to a trusted device. / © ANDROIDPIT

This feature is not exclusive to Lollipop, since the Moto X has previously allowed such an action, as well as the Note 3, Note 4 and Galaxy S5. In fact, the addition of this function is further proof that Google’s developers were very inspired by what Motorola had introduced with the first Moto X, still under the tutelage of the search giant.

How to use manual unlock on the lock screen

When you are using Smart Lock, just slide your finger under the screen and the device will be unlocked. To force it to lock using a more secure method, click on the lock from the lock screen at the bottom center, and a message will appear: «The device will remain locked until you unlock it manually». At this point, you will have the lock screen previously configured with a password, PIN or pattern again.

android lock screen lollipop smart lock icon

The lock icon on the lock screen defines how the device will be unlocked when connected with other gadgets via Bluetooth or NFC. / © ANDROIDPIT

This feature is very useful for those times when you are at home, and you do not want to have to unlock the device every time you want to use it; or even when you don’t want to expose your lock screen pattern to others when changing albums in the player.

So, what did you think of Smart Lock and the addition of a smart icon on the Android 5.0 Lollipop lock screen?