Alto-falante inteligente Galaxy Home com Bixby finalmente será lançado em 2019

Smart Galaxy Home speaker with Bixby finally being released in 2019

The division Samsung Electronics announced that finally go launch your smart speaker Galaxy Home In 2019 the product was first introduced months ago and so far had a lot of mystery surrounding its arrival on the market. Company representatives confirmed that this will change and for the first time gave a release period for the product: in the third quarter of this year, ie between July and September.


Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod competitor's launch would be closer than ever

The information was released by Samsung Consumer Electronics CEO Kim Hyun-suk, who said the gadget will be available for purchase from "half of the second part of the year"which basically means the third quarter of 2019.

Official Website: Samsung Galaxy Home

Other executives at the manufacturer translated the confusing statement from the CEO with the information that this was the period between July and September. Please note that if Galaxy Home is released after the first half of August, it means that it has taken more than a year from its announcement to its availability. That would be a negative record of delay for Samsung, a company that is commonly known for bringing its releases quickly to market.

Official site: Samsung SmartThings

As the site points out GSMArena, not necessarily give to rely on estimates from Samsung. After all, the company had previously announced that the smart speaker would be launched in April 2019. This clearly did not materialize.

According to the publication, Galaxy Home should act as a kind of hub for Samsung's various IoT features. This should follow the South Korean manufacturer's new vision for the IoT segment. Even so, while the solution SmartThings Samsung has been successful, Galaxy Home is entering territory dominated by duopoly Amazon-Google.

In addition, the company will also have to compete with the Apple HomePod, which despite being criticized has already gained its market share thanks to integration with the devices of the American manufacturer.

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