Smart Battery Cases for iPhones XS, XS Max and XR Face Stock Problems

Apple is experiencing problems with the stock of Smart battery case for the XS, XS Max and XR iPhones, released earlier this year. As a result, orders placed now on the company's online store (including the Brazilian one) will only be shipped in Julyin 5-7 weeks.

IPhone Smart Battery Case Stock

There is no information on why Smart Battery Cases are temporarily unavailable, but it is likely that Apple faced some delay or manufacturing problem that caused the depletion of inventory until available.

Since previous models of Smart Battery Cases (for iPhones 6 / 6s and 7) are still available, the shortage of accessory stocks for new iPhones may be related to components specifically used in these models, such as those that integrate charge compatibility. wireless (Qi standard) on battery cells.

The Smart Battery Case's low inventory also means that replacements for these accessories (requiring repair) may not be available at this time, according to the MacRumors. Replacements are likely to be available again in July, when stocks are regularized.

In addition to the Apple Store Online, some colors (black and pink sand) of the Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS are also unavailable by Apple's official Amazon store; The model for the iPhone XR is available in black only. Meanwhile, all colors of the Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS Max are still in stock.

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Official Image:

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Smart Battery Cases

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Price: R $ 1,079.10Installment Price: in at 12x of R $ 99,92Colors: black, white and pink sandRelease: January 2018

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